Canvas Information and Help for Colorado Mountain College Students

Your first resource when you need help with using Canvas in general, or when you would like to learn how to use a Canvas feature is the Canvas Student Guide which contains extensive tutorials and explanations for students. If you are using a mobile device or tablet, please begin by consulting the Canvas Mobile Phone Student Guide.

This FAQ page only contains answers to questions that are specific to Colorado Mountain College. For more general questions and “how-tos”, please consult the Canvas Student Guide or the Canvas App Guide.

Accessing Canvas

Canvas FAQ


Accessing Canvas

What do I need to access my Canvas courses? Which time zone does Canvas operate in?
In order to access Canvas, you need a computer or mobile device with Internet access and an active Canvas user name and password, provided by CMC. Your user name will be your CMC ID number, which is 7 digits long, so you’ll need to be sure and  include any leading zeroes–your ID number must always total 7 digits. Canvas can be visited via most major web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, and is supported under Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX operating systems. Instructure offers mobile phone applications free for download for mobile devices. Learn more about these apps in the Mobile Guides from Instructure.

Colorado Mountain College’s Canvas system operates in the Mountain Time zone.

Will Canvas work on my mobile device?
Canvas is built on open web standards and uses minimal instances of Flash, so most features are supported on mobile devices. However, not all features of Canvas work on mobile devices. Instructure currently offers apps free for download for mobile devices. Learn more about these apps in the Mobile Guides from Instructure.

Please keep in mind that many faculty set up their Canvas courses assuming that you will be using a computer, not a mobile device. We suggest consulting your instructor if you intend to principally use a mobile device to access Canvas.

How do I log into Colorado Mountain College’s Canvas system for the first time—what will my username and password be?
To log into Canvas, use your CMC ID number as your username and your default password. The default password will be cmc and the last 6 digits of your Social Security number, for example: cmc123456. Or, if you don’t have a Social Security number, your default password will be cmc, followed by the 2 digits of your birth month, followed by the 2 digits of your birthday, followed by the letters xx.

For example, if your birthday is January 5, and you don’t have a Social Security number, your default password would be cmc0105xx. If you have no Social Security number and no birth date in the system, your password will be a randomly generated number. You would need to contact the IT Department’s Service Desk for assistance in that case.

How do I find my CMC ID number so that I can log into Canvas?
Your CMC ID number is located on the top right corner of your printed Student Schedule. You can also find it by logging into WebAdvisor, then clicking on the Students menu tab, then clicking on “Program Evaluation.” Your CMC ID number may be printed on your ID card; it will always be found on your paystubs from CMC if you work for CMC as an employee. Finally, you can also contact your local campus or the IT Department’s Service Desk if you are still unable to locate your CMC ID number.

Canvas FAQ

How do I get help with using Canvas or with logging into Canvas?
Students can click on the Help link at the top right corner of the screen while logged into Canvas to request tech support from Instructure with Canvas problems. Students can also call the Service Desk at 970-947-8438 or toll-free at 1-866-642-0495 for Canvas assistance, including with lost or forgotten passwords. We recommend as well that students check out the tutorials and the information at Canvas Guides.

Is a student orientation for Canvas available?
Yes, there is a student orientation course set up by Instructure. It is not specific to Colorado Mountain College. You can also check out the MyCMC Success website here.

How will my teacher contact me via Canvas?
By default, Canvas will send you certain alerts about important activities in your Canvas courses, like due date changes or newly issued grades, via your CMC email account.  However, Canvas assumes that with the ability to set up custom Notifications, students are getting the alerts via the channels they prefer, such social media or cell phone text messages. Be sure to configure your Notifications so that you receive important alerts at the frequency you need and via the channel(s) you prefer. This tutorial explains how to customize your Notifications. Inbox, an internal messaging system entirely based within Canvas. You can use this Inbox to send messages to any other CMC Canvas user who is enrolled in a course with you. Whenever you write a comment when you submit an assignment, it’s copied to the Inbox for you and your teacher. Likewise, any feedback a teacher provides on an assignment you’ve submitted will be copied into your Inbox for your convenience.

When can I access my Canvas courses?
It will be up to your instructors to enable you to access your Canvas courses. You typically will not have access to your courses in Canvas until the first day of class. You do not need to request access as you are automatically enrolled after registration in your Canvas course(s). It generally will take one day after you register for a class before you can access its accompanying Canvas course.

I can’t find a course I registered for in Canvas.
In order to view your course in Canvas, two things must happen:
First, you must be officially enrolled in the course and second, approximately one day must have passed since you registered so that the college’s systems have had a chance to update Canvas. If you have waited more than a day and you still cannot locate your course on your complete course list (click the “view all courses” option to check your complete course list), please contact the Service Desk.

What happens in Canvas when I drop a class?
If a student drops a class, he or she will be removed from the associated Canvas course. This occurs once the system has had time to process this change in registration, typically one day.

My Canvas course list doesn’t show all of my courses! How do I access them?
Canvas displays up to 12 courses in the Courses drop-down menu. Once users have more than 12 courses, they may customize the drop-down menu to choose which courses will display. This tutorial explains how to customize your drop-down course list in Canvas. After a semester ends, your courses from that semester will be retired from your short drop-down course list 120 days later. Also, if you’re involved in many courses at once during a semester, you may not see all of your courses on your course list. In any case, you can always access all of your courses, past and present via your complete course list.

What about the Turnitin anti-plagiarism tool and my assignments?
Your instructor has the option of enabling the Turnitin anti-plagiarism tool to check assignments that are submitted online in your Canvas course. Please contact your instructor if you have any questions about Turnitin. The Turnitin student manual can be found online here.

How do I check my grades in Canvas? What about my final grades for a semester?
This tutorial demonstrates how a student can check personal grades in a Canvas course, assuming that the instructor has inputted grades into the Canvas course for students to view. Final grades are not in Canvas. Final grades are viewed at the end of the semester by logging into WebAdvisor, clicking on the Students Menu, then clicking on Grades. Next, select the semester you’re interested in, and click the Submit button. Your final grades for that semester will be displayed.

How long after the semester ends can I access my courses?
Students can view their old Canvas courses at any point, but since the courses are archived 120 days after the semester ends, students will not be able to do any work in old courses. Students can still view any of their personal grades recorded in an archived course’s Grades section. Please consult your instructor if you have an Incomplete grade or any questions about an old Canvas course.

How can I view a course I took in summer 2012 or earlier, when CMC was using Blackboard 8?
These courses are no longer available online. Please consult your instructors regarding past courses that were hosted in Blackboard 8.