Colorado Mountain College students laugh with their professor in a thermodynamics class.

Move Up: Take an Honors Class at Colorado Mountain College!

Colorado Mountain College introduces its first honors classes in Fall 2013. Why take an honors class?

  • Opens other opportunities in your college career
  • Enhances your abilities in other classes
  • Builds your resumé for employers
  • Creates leadership opportunities such as meeting with the college president.

Honors classes will give you the opportunity to enhance your learning through four key components: critical thinking, service learning, practical application and sustainability.

Enrolled students will have an opportunity to work more closely with their instructors. You will also be invited for  a lunch with CMC’s Interim President, Dr. Charles Dassance, to talk about your academic and career goals. Successful completion of honors coursework will appear on your CMC transcript.

To be eligible to register for an honors section, students must have a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher. Students must have ACT or Accuplacer scores that indicate the student is college ready and not in need of remedial work. If you choose the honors option, you will still have the choice of transferring to the regular section of these courses up to the withdrawal date.

Honors Classes

Five sections of honors classes will be offered as a pilot project this Fall:

  • Humanities 121 (H), Christine Smith, PhD, Spring Valley
  • History 225 (H), David Ruffley, PhD, Online
  • Math 121 (H), Tracy White, MS, Rifle
  • Theatre 105 (H), Gary Ketzenbarger, MA, Spring Valley
  • Psychology 102 (H), Andrew Mikita, MA, Breckenridge

Challenge yourself! Scholarships and space are limited.

Scholarships are available!

For scholarship information:

Susan Looney