Robert Taylor, Ph.D., Summit County Trustee

District 4

Robert Taylor was elected as a trustee for Summit County in November 2011, but his affiliation with Colorado Mountain College began in 1976 when he taught as an adjunct instructor at both the Breckenridge and Leadville locations.

Colorado Mountain College Board of Trustees member Robert Taylor.After completing his dissertation in English/writing at the University of Denver, Taylor and his wife Marilyn moved to Summit County, where he worked for 25 years for county government, the last 11 years of service as county manager. He and his wife then traveled to Alaska, where Taylor served as executive director of the Alaska Commission on Aging, and then to Hawaii for several years before returning to their home in Summit County in 2010.

Back in Summit in retirement, Dr. Taylor set out to do something interesting and meaningful. “I’ve always believed in higher ed.,” he said, “and I’ve always liked CMC.”

When a seat on the board of trustees for Colorado Mountain College became available, he jumped at the chance to run for the office. “There’s a lot of energy coming from the college,” he said. “Everything I read in regard to every campus is so positive.”

As a trustee, Taylor hopes to help guide each campus toward becoming a central part of the surrounding community. “I’m enamored by the idea of a community college that offers students and the community cultural experiences like theater and art, in addition to educational options,” he said. “When I took conversational Spanish at the new facility in Breckenridge, I was impressed by the auditorium, classrooms and offices; the building is gorgeous inside and out, and I like that it’s available for the community to use.”

Taylor expressed particular enthusiasm for CMC’s new baccalaureate program. “I see it as a wonderful opportunity for the college and for young people to be able to pursue a bachelor’s or associate degree in their home community,” he said. “I’d like to see those opportunities expand.”

The trustee holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of California, Berkeley; an M.A. in English from San Francisco State; and both an M.A. in public administration and a PhD in English/writing from the University of Denver. In addition to his academic and administrative achievements, Taylor writes several articles monthly on education policy issues for newsletters published back east. He is also a dedicated fiction writer, currently working on a novel.