Mission, Vision and Values at Colorado Mountain College

Vision: First Choice in Learning, First Choice in Partnerships, First Choice in Leadership.

Mission: To create a better future

Creating a better future for our students, our communities, our partners and our team members.

Values: Truth, Trust, Respect, Responsiveness (T2R2)

Truth: By revealing, understanding and blending diverse personal perceptions, biases and “truths”, as well as providing accurate and fact-based information at the start of a decision, vote or discussion, we come closer to an inclusive Truth, thus resulting in the best course of action.

Trust: Trusting that others are relaying the truth as they see it and are working in the best interests of the college and the students we serve, by ensuring decisions and actions are guided by a commitment to student and personal success, accountability, maintaining confidentiality, keeping promises and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Respect: Valuing and acknowledging individual differences, opinions, and contributions by communicating openly, honestly and directly and treating each other fairly and consistently.

Responsiveness: Being able and ready to respond, at all times, in support of our communities by remaining readily accessible, timely, solution-seeking, well-informed, accountable to our values and norms, encouraging and responsible for our own actions.