Campus Life

What students say about living on campus at one of Colorado Mountain College’s three residential campuses

Making friends — The social part

  • It’s a hoot, everybody’s friendly, like family.
  • You know what’s going on so it’s easy to get involved in stuff, like clubs and activities.
  • It’s very social, not boring — there’s lots happening.

Convenience — It’s all right here

  • If you forget to set your alarm, someone always knocks on your door on the way to class.
  • You can run back to your room if you forget something.
  • You don’t have to decide what to make for meals, cook or do dishes.
  • There’s a place to study down the hall or across the lawn in the library.
  • E-mail provided in your room! You can get connected pretty easy with a compatible computer. It’s free!
  • Phone hook-ups are there, you provide the phone.
  • The laundry room is right down the hall, and the machines really work.
  • The big screen TV in the lounge gets 20 channels (so does your room).
  • Each room has its own bathroom.

Save money

  • Living-on campus can be less expensive, you eat out a lot less.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money on gas…you’re there.
  • No phone hook-up fee!

Academic Support

  • Instructors are close by for after class discussions or questions.
  • Learning labs provide tutoring and other assistance.
  • Computer labs are available from early to late at minimal cost.
  • Study groups get together regularly to review and share notes.
  • Free study skills workshops are offered frequently.
  • Academic advisors provide information and advise on program requirements.

Support — Staff, faculty and friends

  • These people really care. Counselors are a short way away to help out or to just talk.
  • Professional and student staff live in the hall near you to answer questions and plan fun and educational programs.
Photo: student winds up to pass a football on the Leadville Campus.

Photo: students study together at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs.

You'll experience mountain living at any of the CMC residential campuses.

Photo: a Leadville Campus students mountain bikes around Turquoise Lake near Leadville, CO.

Living in a residence hall is convenient and saves money.