Welcome to Sustainable CMC

Be a partner in helping create a sustainable setting for higher education

CMC is committed to sustainability. This means we intend to reduce the college’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 12.5% every 5 years until carbon neutrality is reached in the year 2050. For a detailed analysis of how we will achieve this goal please see our Climate Action Plan (pdf).

Here are just a few of the sustainability efforts initiated collegewide:

  • Recycle newspaper, magazines, office paper, cardboard and commingled containers.
  • Replaced incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED bulbs.
  • Replaced conventional thermostats with programmable.
  • Conducted a professional energy audit.
  • Recycle phone books, printer cartridges, cell phones, hazardous waste, building materials, plastic bags and batteries.
  • Establish and maintain employee green team.
  • Adopt and use green cleaning products and paper products made from recycled fibers.
  • In addition, the Leadville and Rifle campuses generate 1/3 of their power from 100 KW solar farms.
  • Check out our newest certificate, Sustainability Leadership.

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