Parents and participants laud the First Ascent Youth Leadership program at CMC

Testimonials from past participants and parents

Each year four participants from the prior year come back to act as peer counselors, taking the learning a step further. One former participant is chosen each year to assist the facilitator. Once they turn 18, past participants can come back as staff counselors. Acting as mentors for a new group students brings the lessons full circle.

“You had to communicate with each other or someone would fall. I learned to trust people more, not to judge them by the way they look.”
Jasmine Marquez

“Dusty came home with more knowledge, but more importantly, an attitude of confidence that surprised us. The impact of a program such as this cannot be measured. It has affected Dusty’s life in so many ways. Naturally, as an educational experience, it enhanced his normal school curriculum. But as a leadership and confidence-building experience, this program is without peer. Please keep up the good work.”
– Chuck & Chris Lanci, parents

“There’s more life in the river than I thought…to respect it and keep it there. I learned to trust people from different places and to work with them and talk with them.”
– Jessica Boyden, Leadville

We had to work together on everything we did – we had to communicate with each other about problems and how to solve them.”
– Becky Brown, Glenwood Springs

“I learned to believe in myself more and learned that I can do more than I thought I could. I learned to push my limits.”
– James Massey, Rifle