Concurrent/Dual Enrollment (CEPA) at Rifle

Start taking college course now at your school including Rifle, Coal Ridge and Grand Valley High Schools

Colorado Mountain College (CMC) partners with school districts within each region to provide opportunities for students to accelerate their education and earn college credit while still in high school. Find out more about how qualified high school students can “jump start” their college degree program or their career before graduation and without leaving their high schools and communities.

Parents and Students

Congratulations on your decision to begin your college courses while still in high school. You have the opportunity to complete college courses, get high school credit and save lots of money toward a college degree or career training. If this is the right fit for you, we will be excited to have you join our team and prepare for your future.


How do I become a Dual Enrollment (CEPA) student?

  1. Meet with your high school counselor to determine if this is a good fit for you.
  2. Provide college ready test results – either through ACT or Accuplacer testing (see passing scores below).
  3. Complete the CEPA Enrollment Form and Credit & Non-Credit Class Registration Add/Drop Form with any payment for tuition or fees (if required).
  4. Return your paperwork to your counselor. He/She will pass it to the CMC Advisor after your courses have been approved. (It is possible to register online following your first semester; however, you must discuss the courses with your high school counselor before beginning the course in order to receive dual credit.)
  5. The advisor will register you into your courses and send information for books, how to access Canvas, etc.
  6. Order textbooks prior to the start of class, if required.
  7. Work hard the entire semester to achieve the highest grade possible on your college work.

Required placement score minimums (All students)

Subject ACT SAT Accuplacer Note
English/Verbal 18 440 95 For Academic Courses, except math
Math 23 460 85* For Any Math Course
Reading/Verbal 17 430 80 For Academic Courses, except math

Every course has different requirements, or prerequisites. Ask your college advisor for requirements of the course you want to take or consult the CMC College Catalog.

Forms and Resources

Apply Online

Download the CEPA Enrollment Form

For more information or assistance, please contact:

Jenny Boone
CMC in Rifle