Internship Opportunities for Community Partners

CMC Students Want to Help Your Organization!

Colorado Mountain College (CMC) is proud to announce a new Internship Program in which students apply their academic skills to projects that help your organization under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

What is an Internship?
CMC is committed to providing students with valuable real-world learning experiences.  Internships are career-oriented work experiences that allow students to apply their academic knowledge and skills to your real-world project.  Experienced faculty will help you to identify one or more projects and then work to identify a student(s) with the appropriate skills for your project. During the course, faculty will work with students and you to ensure that the project is successful in meeting your needs and is completed on time.

The Project
The project can be any identifiable work that fits the student’s academic interests and results in a final deliverable to you. This could be working on data collection, helping with organizational assessment, marketing or developing your web presence, just to name a few. The student’s total “on site” time commitment will vary according to the project.

Providing a Mentor
Since the student will be working on a project with a fixed timeline we ask that you identify an employee to serve as the student’s mentor. The mentor should have enough of an understanding of the project and your organization to serve as the student’s advisor. The mentor will also serve as the primary contact between CMC faculty and your organization regarding both the student’s performance and the project. The mentor will also provide input to faculty for evaluation purposes.

Join CMC as a Community Partner
Contact CMC Internship Program instructors your local CMC campus:

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