Baja Mexico: Ocean Orientation and Natural History of the Desert

Experience the adventure of a lifetime sea kayaking, hiking, and camping through the incredibly diverse and unique setting of Baja California, Mexico! This relatively small peninsula of land includes mountainous landscapes, rain-shadow deserts, a central arid desert containing several rare species, numerous artisian-watered areas that offer desert oasis-type settings, islands supporting many endemic species, and more mountains surrounded by tropical areas at the southern Cape.

This setting is also home to world-class sea kayaking, with the opportunity to interact and observe unique wildlife such as seabirds, whales, dolphins, marine mammals, sea turtles, reptiles, and hundreds of species of fish. The relatively protected waters of the Gulf of California provide an unparalleled venue for wilderness-like travel by sea kayak, moving camps along the outer shore of Peninsula Concepcion to Loreto.


OUT 117 Ocean Orientation: 2 credits
BIO 144 Natural History of the Desert: 2 credits

Ocean orientation is a sea kayak-based travel course combining ocean travel with skills training, rescue procedures, and an expedition venue. Natural History of the Desert is focused on the flora, fauna, ecosystems, and geography of desert regions. These courses will be taught concurrently throughout the sea kayak travel portion of the trip, as it moves from the Mulege/Bahia Concepcion area of Baja California Sur, south to Loreto in the same region.

Tentative Dates

March 13-25, 2015

For more information, contact:

Pete Huber, Adjunct Faculty, Outdoor Studies, Alpine and Timberline Campuses