Requesting CMC Transcripts

Transcripts that include the current semester will be available approximately one week after classes end. However, copies of records, including transcripts, may be withheld because of outstanding financial obligations to Colorado Mountain College. Please allow adequate processing and mailing time if transcripts are to be sent to other institutions.

Transcript requests must have the following:

  • Name and any names attended under
  • Student ID or Social Security number
  • Dates attended
  • Campuses attended
  • Student’s current mailing address (where mailing or faxing transcripts to name of institution, to whose attention, address, and fax number)
  • Student’s signature and date

All  transcripts requests must be submitted with the student’s signature, mailed, delivered, or faxed to the following:

Colorado Mountain College
Transcript Department

802 Grand Avenue
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
Fax: 970-947-8387
Transcript Hotline: 970-947-8486

Transcript Sent Cost
To other educational institution Free
To non-educational institution First 5 free,
$2 each thereafter
Faxed within US $5
Faxed internationally $10
Same-day rush service $15

download form Download the Transcript Request Form (pdf)

Fill out the form and fax or mail per the instructions on the form. For technical issues, please contact the CMC Service Desk.

Faxed Transcripts
Colorado Mountain College does not accept transcripts received by fax. Students may, however, need to have their transcripts faxed elsewhere. Students should check with the receiving institution to determine if they will accept faxed transcripts. The fee for faxing transcripts within the United States is $5.

We will fax transcripts outside United States, but cannot accept responsibility for getting the call delivered. We will only attempt to fax during regular business hours. Transcripts faxed outside the United States are $10 per destination. Copies of records, including transcripts, may be withheld because of outstanding financial obligations to Colorado Mountain College.

Prior to summer 2003, non-credit courses did not appear on the students’ academic record. Currently, there is a special non-credit transcript available upon request.

CEU Transcript
Starting with the 2005 fall semester, students who took a CEU-designated course will have a CEU transcript listing those courses.

Grades and Other Codes on Transcripts
If you officially drop a course prior to the class census date (usually defined as the completion of 15 percent of the course instruction), the class will not appear on your transcript. If you drop after the census date but before the Class Withdrawal (Drop) Date (usually defined as the completion of 75 percent of the course instruction), a “W” will be assigned for the class. Students enrolled in a class after this date must receive an evaluative or Audit grade (“A” through “F,” “P” or “AU”). Please see the registration section, “Course Withdrawals,” for required procedures for dropping a class.

“W” – Withdrawal
A “W” is assigned if the student officially drops a class after the census date.

“AW” – Administrative Withdrawal
If a student is withdrawn from a course by the faculty member or other college administrator, a symbol of “AW” is assigned for the course.

“I” -  Incomplete
An “I” indicates that the course objectives are not yet fulfilled. It is the responsibility of the student to request, if needed, the assignment of an incomplete grade by the instructor. The instructor’s decision to authorize or not authorize an incomplete grade is final. Arrangements concerning the completion of the course work must be made with the faculty member prior to the assignment of the “I” grade. This agreement must be written on an Incomplete Course form. The faculty member may allow up to one semester (not including summer) to complete the course requirements. Work must be completed in sufficient time for the grade change form to be received by the registrar’s office prior to the end of the semester date printed in this catalog. Those grades that are not changed by the end of the semester will automatically become failing grades (“F”).

“IP” Grade Symbol Definition
The IP grade is awarded to the student enrolled in AAA-010 who actively participates in the full course and makes significant effort to learn the materials. He/she must be making at least average progress, but has not reached the level necessary to be awarded a passing grade for the course and therefore not allowed to move to the next level.

“AU” -  Audit
An “AU” will be assigned for courses that are audited. This symbol verifies only that the student registered for the class. The student is not required to regularly attend the class or to be evaluated.

“NG” -  No Grade:
Occasionally, emergencies cause an instructor to be delayed in reporting grades for a class that has been completed. While awaiting the reporting of the grades, the temporary symbol of “NG” is assigned.

” * ”  -  Grade Removed by Appeal
This symbol is entered if the grade originally assigned by the instructor is removed by the Grade Appeal Committee. The course remains on the transcript only as a historical record.

Grades for Repeated Courses
Courses are designated by the college as repeatable or non-repeatable. When you retake repeatable courses, the grade, credits, and quality points earned for both courses will be counted in your cumulative grade point average.

Non-repeatable courses may be retaken, but only the grade and credits earned in the most recent enrollment will be counted in your cumulative record. The first registration in the course remains on your transcript with an “R” next to the grade.

Non-Traditional Credit
Colorado Mountain College awards credit through national standardized exams, challenge exams, and credit for life experience. To be awarded credit, students must be currently enrolled in a degree or certificate program. Credits posted to a students’ academic record through one of these non-traditional methods are noted indicating the method by which they were awarded.