Frequently Asked Questions about CMC

These are some of the most common CMC admissions questions. If your question is not answered in the list below, please write our admissions office at

Are you a 2-year or 4-year college, public or private?
Colorado Mountain College is a public institution with a wide range of 2-year degree programs and five bachelor’s degree programs. We have full articulation/transfer agreements with all Colorado 4-year colleges. Learn more about our transfer agreements.

Can I take classes while in high school?
Yes! High school students are eligible for enrollment. We recommend that you consult with your high school counselor or CMC counselor to determine which courses are best for you. Generally this means choosing from specialized, college preparation and freshman level core curriculum courses.

How old is Colorado Mountain College?
The college was founded in 1965, with classes beginning in 1967.

What types of programs do you have?
CMC offers many different programs, ranging from one-semester certificate programs to two-year transferable degrees and bachelor’s degrees. Go to Programs to search through all our options.

What is the student/teacher ratio? The average class size?
Student-to-teacher ratio is 13:1, and the average class size is under 25 students.

Where are you located?
Our college is located across 12,000 square miles in the north-central area of Colorado. We have 11 campuses and sites in nine Colorado counties, including Routt, Summit, Lake, Chaffee, Eagle, Garfield and Pitkin, Grand and Jackson. Our residential campuses are located in Glenwood Springs, Steamboat Springs and Leadville. Learn more about our Locations. Or check out our District Map.

Are you the college in Steamboat Springs?
Yes we are! CMC in Steamboat Springs was built in July 1981 and is actually the newest Colorado Mountain College residential location. The first two CMC residential locations are Spring Valley in Glenwood Springs and Leadville.

Where is the main campus?
Our main campuses are the three residential campuses:

How much does it cost to go to CMC?


Here’s the projected annual cost of attending CMC:

The student expense budget reflects a reasonable cost of attendance at CMC for an academic year (nine months). If attendance is less than or greater than nine months, the budget components will be prorated accordingly. Actual expenses may vary depending on your living arrangements, priorities and personal obligations.

Annual Estimated Costs at Colorado Mountain College*
Budgetary Category In-District In-State Out of State
Tuition* $1,950 $4,410 $13,200
On Campus Living Expenses** 9,280 9,280 9,280
Off Campus Living Expenses 9,700 9,700 9,700
Technology Usage Fee see Technology Fees below 100 100 100
Res Hall Technology Usage Fee see Technology Fees below 200 200 200
Estimated Books & Supplies 1,200 1,200 1,200
In State / Non Res Transportation 1,200 1,200
Total Estimated Cost, On Campus $12,730 $16,390 $25,180
Total Estimated Cost, Off Campus $12,950 $16,610 $25,400

Technology Fees at CMC

Students pay a technology fee every semester based upon their credit load with a maximum of $50/semester. Students living in CMC residence halls pay an additional $100 per semester.

How do I qualify for in-district tuition?
An in-district resident is a person who has lived in Colorado for at least one year, and at least 32 days within the CMC District. See our District Map.

Do I qualify for in-district tuition? My parents have a condo in Summit County, but actually live in Boulder.
Yes, a student who has been classified as in-state Colorado resident for tuition purposes and who owns a residence (i.e., a second home) in the six-county CMC District, shall be classified as in-district for tuition purposes. This student’s spouse and dependents are also eligible.

Are merit and need-based scholarships available?
Yes! We can make your educational experience very affordable. Depending on your academic, financial, and residency status, we offer a full selection of private and public need-based scholarships. Scholarships and financial aid have a priority deadline of March 1. Contact our financial aid office for more information.

How many students attend Colorado Mountain College?

  • 9,623 degree seeking and 10,312 non degree seeking students attended CMC in 2014/15
  • 39% Male/61% Female
  • Residential Campuses:
    • Glenwood Springs-Spring Valley had 453 full time students.
    • Leadville has 129 full time students.
    • Steamboat Springs has 418 full time students.

How many full-time residential and out-of-state students are there? What are the male/female ratios?
Residential students are those who live on campus.

Campus Steamboat Springs Spring Valley Leadville
Male 75% 43% 86%
Female 25% 64% 14%
In State 38% 53% 27%
Out of State 62% 47% 73%

What is the minority population?
Cultural/ethnic breakdown of CMC student body (2014-2015):

Ethnicity Total Percent
Hispanic 3,194 17.34%
U.S. Minorities* 534 2.9%
Caucasian 10,840 58.78%
Unspecified 3,873 21.00%

*US Minorities include: American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, and nonresident alien.

What types of special services do you offer for students with learning/physical challenges?
Special Populations: Colorado Mountain College is committed to providing access to everyone with the ability to benefit from a program of higher education. We empower students to take responsibility for their education. Services are available to meet your special needs and assist you in meeting your educational goals. These accommodations may include instructional support such as note taking, oral testing, proofing of written work, interpreting, books on tape, tutoring, and extended testing time. Special equipment may be provided upon request. To qualify for services, documentation of the disability is required prior to enrollment. With these accommodations, students are required to meet the academic standards of the college. Check out Disability Services at Colorado Mountain College.

What types of competitive sports programs do you offer?
We offer a varsity-level ski team at our Steamboat Springs Campus. The ski team participates in the Rocky Mountain Conference.

We also offer beautiful soccer fields at our Spring Valley and Steamboat Springs campuses.

We have sports related scholarships available for in-state students. E-mail us at for more information.

Where are the closest ski areas to CMC?
Of the 27 major ski resorts in Colorado, 13 are in our service area and near our campuses. Which is closest depends on the campus. The Leadville campus is within an hour drive of 8 ski resorts including Ski Cooper, Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, Vail, and others. Our Breckenridge, Vail, and Aspen campuses are just minutes from the base of Breckenridge, Vail Resort, Buttermilk and Ajax, respectively. Steamboat Springs Campus is about 10 minutes from Steamboat Resort, and Spring Valley Campus in Glenwood is about 15 minutes from Ski Sunlight and 45 minutes from all of the Aspen ski areas and Vail Resort.

Where is your ski team?
The ski team is located at the Steamboat Springs Campus. For more information, please contact Terry Leonard, CMC’s ski team coach, at 970-870-4471,

How do I buy CMC merchandise?
You can buy CMC merchandise at any of our three residential campus bookstores, located in Steamboat Springs, Leadville, and Glenwood Springs. All stores have a unique and continually evolving selection of clothing, supplies, and accessories.

How do I request a brochure from admissions?
To access our online information request form for brochures, catalogs, or answers to any of your questions, please use our request form.

Do you have an application deadline, or a fee?
Some programs do have an application deadline, but CMC does not charge application fees to apply to any of our programs.

How hard is it to get into Colorado Mountain College?
The majority of Colorado Mountain College programs have open enrollment, where you have to have a GED or have graduated from high school. Some programs are more competitive due to their popularity and have more selective admissions procedures. Culinary arts, natural resource management, nursing, and photography are a few examples of more selective programs.

What is CMC’s acceptance rate?
As most of our programs are open enrollment, an acceptance rate is not applicable. CMC admits students with a high school diploma or GED, and courses or programs are filled as space is available. A few programs, such as the Nursing AAS and BSN programs, have more specific admission requirements. Please contact Admissions at with any questions.

Do you require test scores?
We do not require ACT/SAT test scores, but we do encourage you to submit them. If you do not submit them, you must take our Accuplacer testing prior to meeting with an advisor. Some programs that encourage the use of the test scores:

  • Nursing
  • Veterinary Technology
  • Professional Photography
See the ACT and SAT College Codes for Colorado Mountain College Campuses

What kind of high school grades and test scores do I need to get in?
Colorado Mountain College is an open enrollment school where admissions is granted to anyone, so testing scores from ACT or SAT are not required but highly recommended and are used for advisement and placement. If you are seeking a degree and have not completed ACT or SAT exams prior to enrollment, you will be required to take a placement test. Colorado Mountain College requires placement tests to determine which classes best suit your abilities. You will not be required to take these tests:

a. If you have taken the ACT and achieved an English score of 18 or higher, reading of 17 or higher, and a math score of 23 or higher, you are considered to be at college level for each of these subjects. Colorado Mountain College will take test scores up to 5 years old. However, with some subjects, such as math, you may want to retest.

b. If you have taken the SAT and achieved a critical reading score of 440, and a math score of 460 or higher, you are considered to be at college level for each of these subjects. Colorado Mountain College will take test scores up to 5 years old. However, with some subjects, such as math, you may want to retest.

See the placement testing section of our catalog for more information.

Do the classes I take transfer in-state and out-of-state?
Some programs like the AA and AS degrees are designed to transfer to 4-year colleges within Colorado. Other programs that are designed to get you hired in an occupation are not designed to transfer, but we have formed some specific transfer agreements with colleges to accept those credits, e.g., with Western State College. If you plan to transfer out of state, we recommend that you meet with your advisor to start working with the other institution to guarantee a smooth and complete transfer of your course work.

Can I visit CMC? Do you have campus visit times?
Yes, we offer personal visits Monday through Friday at all three residential campuses. These campuses also offer formal CMC visit days throughout the year. For more information, please see Visit CMC.

Do you have on-campus housing? Is it co-ed?
Yes. Colorado Mountain College offers three fully equipped and modern residential campuses, and they are all coed. See the residence hall pages at the Steamboat Springs, Glenwood Springs-Spring Valley and Leadville campuses for more information.

How Many Students Live on Campus?

  • Glenwood Springs-Spring Valley has a maximum occupancy of 248 students.
  • Leadville has a maximum occupancy of 125 students.
  • Steamboat Springs has a maximum occupancy of 231 students.

Do I need a car?
It might be helpful, but you don’t really need one. All of our communities are easily accessible by bus, and many by bike trail. Steamboat Springs and Leadville campuses are less than a mile from the center of the closest town, and Spring Valley is about 3 miles from downtown Glenwood Springs. CMC does NOT charge for a parking pass.

Will I get my own bathroom in the dorms?
Absolutely. Our residence halls are modern and roomy and offer private bathrooms and other amenities. See the website for information about residence halls at Steamboat Springs, Glenwood Springs -Spring Valley and Leadville. Learn about meal plans, too.

Can I bring my pet?
Sorry. Only if it is a small freshwater fish. No piranhas or exotic saltwater creatures.