Rights and Responsibilities

To receive the help you need to be a successful CMC student please review the following information:

  • To be eligible for disability services you must provide documentation of your disability in accordance with CMC’s documentation guidelines (IEPs are unacceptable college documentation).
    • To receive alternatively formatted text you need to make your request as soon as you complete your registration. Early registration is encouraged as it may take several weeks to receive the text. When you have purchased the text, you need to show proof of purchase to the DSC, and provide the following information:
      • Title of the Text
      • Author
      • Edition
      • ISBN
      • Publisher
      • Copyright Date


  • If you need to take your test in a reduced distraction environment, need extended time, or a reader/scribe, arrangements must be made in advance of each test (a minimum of 3 days). A Proctor Form is available from the DSC.
  • If an accommodation is not working, talk to the DSC.
  • Attend all classes. If you must miss a class, it is your responsibility to let your instructor know and to get your assignments from the instructor or a fellow classmate.
  • Your classroom behavior and academic performance must meet the requirements as outlined in Colorado Mountain College’s Online Student Handbook.