Consortium Agreements

Explanation: A consortium agreement may be established between Colorado Mountain College (known as the Home Institution) and another college (known as the Host Institution) in order to include courses taken at a Host Institution when financial aid enrollment status is calculated.

Interested students should inquire with the Financial Aid office; contact your Specialist for more information.

Eligibility: The student must be admitted to a degree or certificate program at Colorado Mountain College. The courses taken at the Host Institution must be approved by the Registrar at CMC as applying to the student’s degree plan at CMC. Assuming financial aid criteria are met, the student is then eligible to receive financial aid through CMC; the Financial Aid office will count all courses taken (as long as it/they are part of the current degree program) toward enrollment status – both at the Home and the Host Institutions.

Procedures: The student should contact their Financial Aid Specialist  for the Consortium Agreement Form. This form allows the Financial Aid staff to obtain enrollment and financial information from the Host Institution. The student should inform the Host Institution that he or she is enrolling as a consortium student and follow the enrollment procedures and tuition payment guidelines specified at that institution. CMC will not pay the tuition at the Host Institution. It is the responsibility of the student to make payment arrangements and to pay the tuition at the Host Institution.

The student should apply for financial aid at Colorado Mountain College and should not apply for financial aid nor accept financial aid at the Host Institution. Financial aid award amounts are based on many factors, including the student’s intended enrollment. CMC will construct average student expense budgets based upon the student’s reported residency and intended enrollment.

Disbursements will be authorized after individual enrollment verification has been received by the Colorado Mountain College Financial Aid Office and logged in the system. Each institution will assess regular tuition and fee charges for their own courses.

Official academic transcripts must be forwarded to the CMC Registrar after every semester. The successfully completed hours from the Host Institution will appear in the CMC system as transfer credit for the appropriate semester. This will enable CMC to monitor satisfactory academic progress.

Concurrently enrolled students who receive financial aid from CMC will be subject to all Colorado Mountain College Financial Aid policies, which include but are not limited to: Refund/repayment, packaging, disbursement, and satisfactory progress. Colorado Mountain College is the final authority in determining student eligibility for financial aid and compliance with applicable policies, rules, and regulations.

Colorado Mountain College Financial Aid Consortium Checklist

Apply for financial aid at List Colorado Mountain College, Code 004506, as your school. Please note that the fall semester is the first term in the CMC financial aid year. March 31 is the FAFSA priority deadline.

Contact your Financial Aid specialist to complete the required Consortium Agreement Form.

Declare a degree-seeking program at Colorado Mountain College.

Create a degree plan with your CMC academic advisor. Ask your academic advisor to approve any and all courses that you want to take that are offered by Host Institutions.

Register for all courses you plan to take at the beginning of each semester. Identify yourself as a concurrent student to the Host Institution and follow their registration procedures.

Receive financial aid shopping sheet from CMC.

Make arrangements to pay your tuition at Host Institution. It is your responsibility to make payment arrangements and to pay tuition at the Host Institution.

If financial aid at Colorado Mountain College is sufficient to pay all of the CMC student account, no further arrangements are needed at CMC. If financial aid at CMC is not sufficient to pay the student account, contact Student Accounts to set up a FACTS Payment Plan.

If student loans are offered as part of your financial aid award at CMC, accept loan awards on WebAdvisor.

Pay tuition at each institution.

Complete courses.

Contact your Financial Aid specialist each semester if enrolling at a Host Institution.

Send official transcripts to CMC at the end of the semester.