Appealing Satisfactory Academic Progress


Students have the right to appeal a suspension of financial aid due to low GPA, pace of progression (completing a minimum of 67% of attempted coursework) the max time frame limitation or any combination thereof. For assistance and to access the general Student Financial Aid Appeal or Maximum Time Frame Appeal, go to the Financial Aid Forms & Links page, and open the appeal form(s) in the “General Financial Aid Forms” section at the bottom of the page (or click on the links in this paragraph).

Students may appeal the Maximum Time Frame termination if their status was caused by CMC credit hours received over 10 years ago and/or transfer credits from other colleges.

All appeals are considered on a case by case basis and will be evaluated in part on how complete the student is with each requirement of the appeal.

The appeal must include the following:

The typed appeal form.

A typed, detailed letter from the student explaining any mitigating or extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control that made it impossible to successfully complete the semester.

In the event of a medical issue, appropriate documentation supporting the extenuating circumstance is required (includes documents from physicians and/or hospitals). Proof of diagnosis MUST be attached.

Any other documentation required to support information provided in the student letter.

Incomplete appeals or those lacking appropriate detail WILL NOT be reviewed. All relevant details and supporting communication must be submitted by the deadline each term. Any appeals submitted after the deadline may not be reviewed prior to disbursement for the subsequent term. The student will be responsible for all charges on the student account.

If the appeal is approved, any aid disbursed will serve as reimbursement to the student for any payments made during this period.
Appeals can be submitted to the Financial Aid Office electronically to: or mailed to:

Colorado Mountain College
Attn: Financial Aid Appeals
802 Grand Ave
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Decisions to approve or deny appeals rendered by the Director of Financial aid are final. Notifications are sent to students via CMC issued email address, and a hard copy letter mailed to the most recent address on file.