New Student Registration (NSR) Frequently Asked Questions

When is New Student Registration (NSR) and Orientation?

Please sign up:

  • NSR I – June 19-20, sign up by June 13. Begins Thursday, June 19, at 8:30am and ends Friday, June 20 at 3:00pm. On-campus lodging is available.
  • NSR II – July 10-11, sign up by July 5. Begins Thursday, July 10, at 8:30am and ends Friday, July 11 at 3:00pm. On-campus lodging is available.
  • NSR III – August 21-22, sign up by August 16. Begins Thursday, August 21, at 8:30am and ends Friday, August 22, at 1:00 pm.

Students attending NSR I or NSR II will be able to move into the residence hall Friday, August 22, 10am-1pm.

Students attending NSR III will be able to move into the residence hall Wednesday, August 20, 6pm-10 pm.

Orientation for all Students will be started on Friday, August 22 at 2:30pm and will end on Sunday evening.

How do I sign-up for New Student Registration (NSR)?

Please register online.

Do I have to attend New Student Registration (NSR)?

Yes. All incoming students are required to attend one of the three Registration sessions followed by Orientation the weekend before classes. The material covered will be essential to your transition into Colorado Mountain College (i.e. placement tests, information on campus resources, advising, and fine tuning fall class schedules, etc.). This also applies to transfer students.

What is the fee for?

The fee charged ($175) for Orientation includes your food and housing during Registration and covers the sessions and services utilized. (The $145 is minus lodging if you choose to stay at a local hotel.) The fee also covers all Welcome Weekend events and activities that take place during the weekend before the fall semester begins (August 22 – August 24, 2014).

How do I pay for New Student Registration?

Provide Credit Card information when you register online to attend the NSR session.

When will I receive my New Student Registration Confirmation?

o After you register & pay for NSR online and your registration is processed, you will be sent a New Student Registration confirmation email.

When can I register for fall classes?

During NSR and after you have met with your advisor you will then be able to register for your classes.  For those students who attend NSR I or NSR II payment for your classes, housing, and fees will be due August 13, 2014.   If you attend the NSR III, you must pay for everything at the time you register for classes on Friday, August 22, 2014.

Can my family come too?

 New Student Registration is open to all family members. During the first two NSR sessions, family members are welcome to stay on campus. The fees are $75 for the first guest and $40 for each additional guest (includes meals and housing.)   If your guests stay at a hotel then it is $40 for the first guest and $30 for each additional guest (includes meals.)  If you are bringing only one guest, she/he will have their own room while students are assigned to other students randomly as roommates during their stay.

How do I get to Glenwood Springs?

Air: You can fly into Denver (DEN), Aspen (ASP) or Eagle-Vail (EGE) and rent a car or take a shuttle.  Shuttle: Colorado Mountain Express-CME is a shuttle service that runs from Denver west to Glenwood Springs and makes stops at Eagle-Vail, and Aspen airports.  You can also fly into Grand Junction (GJT) but you would need to rent a car as there is no shuttle option from there.  If further directions are needed please contact me: Vicky Valentine at

What should I bring to New Student Registration?

  • Bring any SAT or ACT scores, copy of college transcripts or AP scores earned after you were admitted to CMC, personal scholarship information, and financial aid awards, and admissions correspondence if you have any questions.
  • Make sure to bring a bathing suit for the Hot Springs on Thursday night.
  • If staying at the Residence Hall, we do provide bedding & towels, unless you want to bring your own.

Can my guests stay on campus with me during New Student Registration?

Guests are welcome to stay on campus during NSR I and NSR II, however guests are not able to stay on campus during NSR III; they will be required to stay at a hotel.  During NSR I or NSR II, guests will be placed in their own rooms while students will be placed with other students so they get to know their incoming classmates.

What if I can’t attend any New Student Registration Session due to extenuating circumstances?

This is a very rare occurrence. We try to space the NSR sessions throughout the summer to accommodate everyone’s schedule. We even have an NSR session scheduled right before classes start. If you feel you cannot attend, please contact Vicky Valentine Admissions Counselor at 970-947-8276, or