Coming Home and Attending College

Colorado Mountain College has programs and services for veterans who wish to obtain a college degree

Continue The Adventure or Get Refreshed in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains
Turn your military experience into a career at Colorado Mountain College.Your quest for adventure doesn’t have to end when you leave active duty. Colorado Mountain College has programs that can turn your military experience into a career.

Colorado is full of opportunities for veterans of various backgrounds and levels of experience. Pursue your educational goals in one of Colorado’s most desirable towns, like Steamboat Springs, Aspen, Breckenridge or Glenwood Springs.

Colorado Mountain College has a variety of programs designed to prepare you for a career. We have Associate degree and certificate programs in addition to programs that award Bachelor degrees upon completion.

Learn how to be a back-country ski guide, or to lead groups into the wilderness with our Outdoor Recreation Leadership certificate. There are programs for paramedicine, resort management, solar energy, graphic design and many, many more. Take a few minutes to see all of our programs and the locations in which they are offered:

Education Programs and Our Locations

Colorado Mountain College student enjoy the sun on the campus lawn. Make The Transition
Colorado Mountain College’s staff will help make your transition into the classroom simple. Our degrees and certificate programs are designed to make your transition to a civilian career just as seamless. Use the links on this webpage to help plan your transition to college. Email the Assistant Registrar’s office with your questions about attending Colorado Mountain College.

Get Tuition Discounts for Veterans, Spouses and Dependents

Veterans and active duty service members, including their spouses/dependents (dependents under 23-years-of-age), are eligible for a substantial tuition discount at Colorado Mountain College. Regardless of your residency status (in-state vs. out-of-state) you will pay only:

  • $103 per credit (100-200 level)
  • $205 per credit (bachelor degree/300-400 level)
  • $245 per credit (bachelor of science in nursing)

This discount may not be used by online degree seekers.

Why Should A Veteran Choose Colorado Mountain College?

Colorado Mountain College is a network of college campuses across the mountains of Colorado that offers a wide variety of degrees, certificates, classes and programs to help you obtain your educational objectives. We want to nurture the skills and trades you learned while serving so we review each application and award credits based on a Colorado Mountain College course equivalent. In addition, we offer a significant tuition discount to veterans and will help you through the process of getting the VA benefits you’ve earned.

A pair of Colorado Mountain College students run the trail around Turquoise Lake near Leadville, Colorado.If you choose not to live near one of our mountain locations, our online course options give you the ability to learn wherever you call home. Many courses allow you to interact with fellow students and instructors in a virtual classroom setting.

Q: Which degree or certificate program will be best for me?
A: Colorado Mountain College wants to make sure the programs we offer suit your needs, so we suggest that you take a short career assessment to find out where your interests and strengths lie. Explore how who you are matches with careers by using one or all of the career assessments on the page linked below.

 Take Career Assessment Now

Q: Will I get credit for training I had in the military?
A: Each applicant’s educational past is compared to the course offerings at Colorado Mountain College. If a course we offer corresponds with the training you received, then you will be awarded credit in most cases. Click here to e-mail the Assistant Registrar’s office.

Q: Where will I live while I attend school?
A: We have residential campuses in Leadville, Steamboat Springs and Glenwood Springs-Spring Valley. Residential campuses provide residence halls, cafeterias, student recreation facilities and libraries. More full-time students create opportunities for campus life activities. If you’re married, have children or would rather live off-campus, we suggest looking through the classified ads of the local news papers. Here are the links for the local newspapers that would have information on housing near our campuses. You’ll also be able to get a feel for the local community, look for jobs, check out outdoor activities available in the area.

How Do I Use My VA Education Benefits?

Q: How do I apply to receive education benefits?
A: Use the links below to learn about the education benefits you’ve earned and read through the handbook, Factors To Consider When Choosing A School. Start with the first one and move down the list. Each link will open a pop-up window, so when you get finished just close the window and move on to the next one.

Q: Am I eligible to receive the GI Bill?
A: To find out if you are eligible for the GI Bill you may call 1-888-GIBILL-1 (888-442-4551) to speak with a Veterans Benefits Counselor.

Q: I am eligible for the GI Bill. What do I do next?
A: If you are eligible for the GI Bill, use VONAPP to file your application for benefits.

With VONAPP you can:

  • Apply for VA compensation, pension, education, vocational rehabilitation and employment, and burial benefits.
  • Report the status of dependents, file a claim for increase in your service connected disability(ies), a new disability(ies), an ancillary benefit, entitlement to statutory benefits such as special monthly compensation, and entitlement to special monthly pension.

To file for education benefits, veterans, service members, reservists, and spouses/dependents of a “service connected” disabled or deceased veteran may use VONAPP. If the benefit you’re applying for isn’t listed as an option on the VONAPP form (REAP chapter 1607 for example) check unsure for the benefit type and use the remarks section of the application to indicate which benefit you wish to apply for.

 Apply For GI Bill Benefits

Q: If I drop a class will it affect my VA Benefits?
A: Dropping a class can affect each student differently. It is important that every student contact the Assistant Registrars Office any time there is a change to your schedule. Click here to e-mail the Assistant Registrar’s office.

Q: I am currently getting funding from the GI Bill. Can I also receive financial aid at the same time?
A: You may apply for financial aid while receiving GI BIll benefits. To apply for grants and loans visit the FAFSA website at

Colorado Mountain College students prepare shrimp in a culinary arts class.Q: I have been attending class for two months, why haven’t I received any money?
A:If at any time you think you are not receiving the proper amount of money or you find you are not receiving any money at all contact us immediately so that we may research the issue for you.

Q: Is it true that I have to contact the VA every month in order to keep receiving my payments for the semester?
A: This is the case for some students on the GI Bill. Call 877-823-2378 to find out if this applies to you.

Q: I applied for the GI Bill and have started taking classes. How and when should I expect my first payment?
A: Usually the VA pays every month for the previous month attended and usually students choose what type of payment (either check or automatic deposit) they want during the application process. Expect a payment by the middle of the month.

Q: Can I apply for the GI Bill as a non-degree seeking student?
A: All persons using the GI Bill educational benefits must be degree/certificate seeking. It is Colorado Mountain College’s programs that are approved for these benefits, not the individual courses. For questions, email the Assistant Registrar’s office.

Q: I’m still Active Duty but I will be getting out soon. How soon should I start applying for my GI Bill benefits?
A: It is okay to apply early however we recommend that you wait to use your benefits until you separate from the military.

Q: Is there a certain number of credits that I need to take each semester in order to receive my GI Bill benefits?
A: There is no minimum requirement for the number of classes you take; however, the amount of funding you receive does depend on how many classes you take.

How Do I Apply To Colorado Mountain College?

Q: How do I apply to Colorado Mountain College?
A: The application process is simple and you can apply online.

Additional Resources for Veteran Students