Ben Rhinesmith

Photo of Ben Rhinesmith.

Talented and Motivated Instructors

“The ORL program surrounded me with talented and motivated instructors and role models. Their constant support, encouragement, and advice motivated me to improve myself. They helped shape my view of the outdoor industry while teaching me the tangible skills such as climbing, hiking, and orienteering, and while teaching the intangible skills such as expedition behavior, group dynamics, programming, and professionalism.”

Ben Rhinesmith works as a kayak, hiking, and naturalist guide for InnerSea Discoveries, a small cruise ship company in southeastern Alaska. In the past, he has also worked with high-functioning inner-city youth in Wyoming as a backcountry instructor and has co-taught High Angle rescue at Colorado Mountain College. He plans to instruct rock climbing as a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) instructor and possibly start his own guiding company, and hopes to earn a bachelor’s degree after spending more time traveling and experiencing the world through guiding.