Specialized Leadership Development Programs

The Sustainable Team©

Our vanguard professional program works to strengthen organizational dynamics into a system that can perpetuate and thrive for generations to come. This workshop seeks to utilize modern definitions of sustainability to provide a template for organizational culture and group dynamics. This 24-hour workshop typically takes place over a weekend (with two follow-up sessions) and is designed for organizations that strive to build a better world through business.

“The ultimate purpose of business is not, or should not be, simply to make money. Nor is it merely a system of making and selling things. The promise of business is to increase the general well-being of humankind through service, a creative invention and ethical philosophy.” –Paul Hawken

ski photo at sunsetThe Higher Climb

A leadership journey through the mountains of Colorado. This is for small groups of people in leadership positions, looking for a life-changing experience as a leadership team. This experience is integrated into a three-month long process, with a three-day field component. It includes a unique curriculum, including a technical peak ascent (or desert tower ascent in the winter), designed to take small leadership teams to the next level. Part of this experience is backcountry-based.

Maximum number of participants: 6

“Many people don’t understand that how you climb a mountain is more important than reaching the top… The goal of climbing mountains should be to attain some sort of spiritual and personal growth, but this won’t happen if you compromise away the entire process.” –Yvon Chinouard

Team Quest:human pyramid photo

A 3-8 hour sequence of initiatives that seeks to identify constructive group dynamics.

Focus on fun, task completion, team dynamics, continuous process improvement, and transfer of ideas to the workplace. This can take place at CMC or on-site at your location.

Sample agenda can include initiatives, low ropes course, and/or the high ropes course. 

Pure Fun

Sometimes you’re looking for something fun to do and the bowling alley isn’t the right speed. We facilitate recreational outdoor experiences on the high ropes course, indoor climbing wall, and outdoor climbing programs. Other mediums are available upon request.

Minimum number of participants: 12

Visions of Justice

Youth program in civics and activism. With extensive experience in the field of social justice and experiential education, the FOSIL project is committed to supporting educators with a powerful program that supports groups who are interested in civics, activism, and conscious living.

Teacher Education

We custom build courses for teachers, focusing on experiential education that have the potential to meet continuing education requirements through graduate credit hours from an accredited institution.

Contact the program coordinator with questions and ideas.

Wilderness Medical Courses

We’ve partnered with Desert Mountain Medicine to provide custom programs for organizations that need wilderness medical training. Certification options include Wilderness First Responder Courses (80 hours), Wilderness Advanced First Aid (40 hours), and Wilderness First Aid (24 hours).

Contact us for more information.