From: Yulia Frid,
New Schools Venture Fund

“We have worked with Colorado Mountain College for the past several years. Johann Aberger has been incredible to work with in creating a well defined team building program for our group of education entrepreneurs. Johann really understands our organization’s vision and creates team building activities that are perfect to the development needs of our program. Johann brings a strong feeling of teamwork and purpose to the group.

“The activities are fun, educational, very interactive and create a great ice breaking environment for each of our groups . All the activities had a perfect flow from one to the other (from fun and entertaining to well thought-out and strategic exercises).   Thank you for your organization, creativity, and high energy leadership in hosting our teambuilding events. Everyone really enjoyed participating and felt good about the experience and what it meant to our participants.”


From: Kathy Swartz, Solar Energy International

“When planning our recent staff retreat, we knew that we wanted to have a team building component and we had heard that Johann at CMC was a good facilitator. After he agreed to work with us, Johann insisted that he meet with the Leadership Circle before the actual staff retreat. Though we doubted his reasons and tried to reduce it to a conference call, he drove over an hour to be with us before the retreat. And from the moment that he started to talk, it became evident why. Johann has a presence about him… something that opens a person up to believe that we can become the organization that we want to be, something that encourages change. During the staff retreat, we were lucky to have Johann with us for four hours. He had done his homework by reading all the staff surveys and planned the day’s activities accordingly. It was so evident that Johann had really thought about the flow of the day, and though I’m sure we weren’t his only client, he made us feel like were were. During our time together, he directly brought up issues that lay under the surface by structuring activities that had us work with people whom we had conflict with, by encouraging openness during the debriefs, and by giving us challenges that were quite challenging and required good communication.

The impact that the retreat had on the staff was incredible. There was a different energy with the group–more upbeat and positive and I definitely attribute some of this to Johann’s work. Johann’s strengths also lie in the fact that he is all about the follow-up and holding people accountable to their word. In an organization that gets busy, it’s so good to have someone like Johann says, “Did you uphold your word?” or “Let’s schedule the next meeting.” Thank you Johann!”


From: Linda Jeschofnig,
CEO Hands-On labs, Inc.

“Our company invested in a two-day teambuilding retreat with Colorado Mountain College (CMC) Experiential Development Program on the Spring Valley Campus in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The training coordinator was Johann Aberger who did an outstanding job of ensuring that all activities, regardless of how much fun they seemed, were relevantly related to our work and company goals.   Our team of 22 people stayed in CMC’s air-conditioned dormitory facilities. The two bedded rooms each had their own bathroom and shower, were reasonably comfortable, and were appropriate for the event. The shared room arrangements contributed to the team building efforts and the weekend’s atmosphere of camaraderie.

“Our campus cafeteria meals were exceptionally tasty, varied, and nutritious, nothing like stereotypical college cafeteria food. We were impressed with CMC’s culinary emphasis on healthy eating and enjoyed the sustainably grown fresh fruits and vegetables we were served.  

“Johann conducted three half day training sessions for our group; two indoor sessions and one outdoor session that included high rope challenge course exercises. However, Johann actually began working on our company’s training program several weeks before our arrival. He polled individual employees as well as upper management to assess our individual and collective strengths, weaknesses, and needs. He then specifically selected and constructed team building and problem solving exercises to help us address our unique issues and to build a productive and sustainable organization.  

“Johann’s patient demeanor and solid experience with the high rope challenge course gave everyone the incentive and courage to become fully engaged in daunting high ropes activities. Each person challenged themselves in someway and all genuinely interacted in an atmosphere of trust and support as they engaged in activities outside their normal zones of comfort. Subsequent discussions explored how we might utilize this courage and cooperation to move our company into its next levels of growth.  

“I have both lead and participated in organized teambuilding activities for over 25 years and believe this particular weekend retreat to be one of the best organized and executed programs I’ve had the privilege to experience. The CMC campus location overlooking Mount Sopris provides an idyllic setting, the memory of which will reinforce the team’s learning experience long into the future. However, the most effective element of the program was our coordinator Johann Aberger whose professional organizational and leadership skills ensured the program fully met our specific goals.


From: Martha LangeProgram 

Coordinator of the Henry Crown Fellowship Aspen Institute

“This presented a terrific opportunity for our participants to let their guard down and bond in ways they otherwise wouldn’t have.”


From: Margo Young-Gardey
President Loan Operations Alpine Bank

“I was not sure what to expect, but the group gelled… the overall experience was new and it had positive results.”


From: Tom Penzel
Principal, Carbondale Community School

“Johann Aberger has worked with my teaching staff on several occasions. He has a wonderful ability to put people at ease and to make them laugh, to openly discuss issues, and to look inward at themselves. He is one of the finest facilitators I have ever had the pleasure to work with!”


From: Terry Shanahan

Problem Solving Court Coordinator State of Colorado, 9th Judicial District, Probation Department

I am writing to recommend the Challenge Course at Colorado Mountain College under the leadership of Mr. Johann Aberger.  The Ray Combest Drug Court and the Probation Department in the 9th Judicial District has had the good fortune to participate in the Colorado Mountain College Challenge Course the past 3 years. The results for our high-risk probation population have been tremendous. Clients have been able to challenge themselves and build skills that have benefited them in every area of their life. Indeed, drug court participants often refer to their challenge course as a turning point in their probation experience.

“The expertise of Mr. Johann Aberger and the spectacular setting makes each course a unique learning experience for everyone. I would recommend the CMC ropes course to any group or organization that is interested in building strong and healthy teams.#   


From: Frank McSwain
Executive Director of the Valley View Foundation Valley View Hospital
American Leadership Participant

“The experience was just the best and hard to find fault. Our leaders were people you want to be your friends. Outstanding in every way. Two things stand out for me: breaking down of all barriers… strong friendships formed and going over the edge with support of the group – anything is possible. To see the group come together for the good of the whole was awesome. I wouldn’t change anything.”    


From: Amber Trzcinski
BJ Adams and Company Real Estate

“Thank you for such an awesome day! It was even more than I had hoped for… We would love to sing your praises!!”


From: John Goodwin, M.S.
Associate Professor
Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy Colorado Mountain College 

“Early on in each Police Academy session the students spend an afternoon participating in the ‘ropes course’ that Johann Aberger facilitates…  The experience challenges the students to work together to solve problems and in the process gives us and the students the opportunity to see how well they lead, follow, and collaborate in their choice of solutions.  Johann skillfully coaxes each student’s personality and character to the surface with the exercises he has crafted.  The course has become an essential part of the academy experience for all our students.  We couldn’t conduct an academy without it.”   


From: Laine Weinstein
Recreation Therapist

Valley View Hospital Youth Recovery Program

“The CMC teambuilding and climbing program has been a great resource for helping clients of the Youth Recovery Center become more of a team and supportive of each other throughout their chemical dependency treatment. Also, our clients have shown an increased amount of trust in themselves and in others. Most importantly the facilitators are always able to be flexible and take our clients in whatever direction they need at that time… A great program and it is an essential part of Recreational Therapy at the YRC!”