Customized Business Services Prepare Your Business for Success

We deliver personalized business training when you need it, where you need it

Photo of students improving their business computer skills at the Vail/Eagle Valley Campus computer lab.At Colorado Mountain College, it is our vision to become your first choice in partnerships when your goal is to improve employees’ performance by providing them high-quality, affordable training and development opportunities.
Founded on the belief that learning should be available wherever people work, at the time they need to learn, CMC’s Customized Business Services team provides:

  • Training for businesses and organizations of all sizes
  • Customized for your staff, from front-line staff to executive leaders
  • On-site or on-campus
  • Scheduled at your convenience

We work hard to meet your unique training and development needs through services that range from providing a guest speaker to customizing an in-house training program leading to a certificate. Dedicated to providing high-quality, effective and affordable training, CMC works with organizations to create a direct line from learning initiatives to business outcomes.

Client needs can be determined through informal discussion or through the more formal process of a “training needs” assessment and consultation. For businesses with organizational challenges rather than training needs, CMC provides one-on-one coaching as well as consulting in areas such as human resource management, team building and executive coaching.

The president of Motorola once told his management team that all employees would be required to complete no less than 40 hours of training each year. A high-level manager raised his hand and asked, “But what if we train them and they leave our company?” To that, the president replied…

“What if we don’t train them and they stay?”

We know that you want your employees to stay, and to be motivated, skilled, productive, and satisfied. Let us work with you to accomplish that goal.