Customized Business Services Provide Unique Solutions

Increase skills, knowledge and communication at your workplace

CMC’s Customized Business Services include training and development solutions for business, industry, and government organizations within our service area boundaries. We offer a wide range of services designed to help employers maximize their profitability and sustainability, assisting everyone from executive level leaders to front-line workers. Our services are designed to help employers address common workplace start-up challenges as well as long-term growth opportunities. Training and Development include:

Customized Competency-based Training
Custom training is offered in a wide range of topics and is delivered by expert trainers and consultants, contracted by CMC’s Customized Business Services, in response to a particular training request.  Effective training solutions may vary in length from two-hour sessions to full-day sessions, to sessions that meet several hours per week over many weeks. We’ll work within your budget to address your specific requests. The employer may choose the time and location for the training solution.

Leadership Development
CMC offers over twenty half-day training programs which, taken individually, pinpoint improvement areas or, taken as a series, strengthen overall performance in job-related competencies. These sessions are highly interactive, using video presentations, role play, participant booklets, and learning tools. Programs include, “Getting Started as a New Leader”, “Coaching for Success” and “Managing Performance Problems,” just to name a few.

Safety Training
Certified CMC trainers deliver on-site safety training in first aid/CPR/AED and other requested safety programs. Participants receive the appropriate certification card at the completion of the training. The first aid/CPR/AED training is typically a seven-hour class and is provided in English or Spanish. OSHA trainings vary in length. Also, CMC has purchased a series of standard safety presentations for companies or organizations choosing to address topics on a quarterly basis for insurance compliance.

Foreign Language and ESL (English as a Second Language)
While CMC offers on-going Spanish classes at various levels, employers often request a customized training program that can be offered on site at the times that work best for their staff. These programs are instructor-led, typically 16 to 18 contact hours, and meet once a week for two hours. A training manual with a corresponding CD is provided to each participant. Note that ESL classes are provided at the CMC campuses through grant funding, while the on-site ESL classes require a fee.

Online Professional Development Courses
CMC has over 300 online, instructor-led, non-credit courses each month to choose from. Participants are given six weeks to complete a course, which includes an assessment of the acquired skills. A CMC certificate is awarded for each session completed. Most courses are $125. A list of courses is available at New courses are offered monthly.

Consulting Services
Employers may contract with us for Business coaching or Executive coaching. We match the consultant to the employer’s needs. Our consultants are also available to facilitate executive board meetings and retreats.

Needs Analysis
A needs analysis and assessment instrument is available, at no cost, to help determine training needs. There is a needs assessment designed for executives and another for the workforce.

CMC Classroom Rental
Classrooms and other facilities at CMC locations may be rented for meetings, seminars, performances. Use of classroom computers, LCD projector, and TV/VCR is included in the rental rate. (Additional charges may apply if CMC personnel required.

Job Training Grants
Administered jointly by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OED) and the Colorado Community College System (CCCS), the Colorado First and Existing Industry grants assist employers with grant funding for short-term, fast-track custom training. Employers may choose to use their own trainers or those provided by the college. CMC administers all grants awarded to employers within its service area. Download the Colorado First Grants Flyer (pdf).