Student in class with microscopePrograms in Edwards

We offer the following credit degrees and certificates:

Bachelor’s Degrees
Business Administration
Sustainability Studies CMC Sustainability icon.

Associate of Arts Degrees
Associate of General Studies Degree
Associate of Science Degrees
Associate of Applied Science Degrees (Career and Technical Education)
Certificates of Occupational Proficiency (Career and Technical Education)
Certificate of Completion
Online Learning Offerings
These programs, in addition to some of the programs listed above, are offered primarily online, which you can take at the Edwards Campus
Hospitality Management (Certificate)
Paralegal  (Associate of Applied Science and Certificate)
Ropeway Maintenance Technician (Certificate)
Security+ (Certificate)
Web Site Developer (Certificate)
Lifelong Learning, Community Education, and Continuing Education Certificate Offerings
See the Edwards Continuing Education Calendar for dates and more information
CPR and First Aid
EMT Basic Refresher
Art courses
Dance and Fitness courses
GED Prep courses

…and many more