English as a Second Language at Edwards

Welcome to Colorado Mountain College’s English as a Second Language Program at the Edwards Campus

Please note that there is a $40 fee-for-service per ESL course. Limited scholarships may be available to those who most need them. Students can attend classes only after paying the fee for the semester or receiving scholarship funds.

Para más información en español, por favor de llamar a nuestra línea de ayuda en español 800-922-1205.
We have five levels of English as a Second language (ESL) classes available. Which ESL class is right for you?
Students at the Low Beginning level can ask and respond to basic learned phrases spoken slowly and repeated often in situations related to immediate needs. Students can recognize and write letters and numbers, read and understand common sight words and write their own name and address.
Students at the High Beginning level have some basic oral communication abilities using learned phrases and sentences. Students can read and write letters and numbers and a limited number of sight words and simple phrases related to immediate needs. Students are able to write basic personal information on simplified forms.
Students at the Low Intermediate level can satisfy basic survival needs and very routine social demands. Students understand simple learned phrases easily and some new phrases containing familiar vocabulary, spoken slowly with frequent repetition. Students can read and interpret material on familiar topics. including simple directions, schedules, signs, maps and menus. Students can fill out forms requiring basic personal information and write short, simple notes and messages based on familiar situations.
Students at the High Intermediate level can follow oral directions in familiar contexts including learned phrases and new phrases containing familiar vocabulary. Students have a limited ability to understand on the telephone. Students can read and interpret simplified and some authentic material on familiar subjects and  write messages or notes related to basic needs including medical forms and job applications.
Students at the Advanced ESL level can satisfy most survival needs and social demands including understanding and communicating on the telephone. Students can participate in conversations on a variety of topics. Students can read and interpret simplified and some non-simplified materials on familiar topics including simple charts, graphs, and labels; interpret a payroll stub; and complete a simple order form; fill out medical information forms and job applications. Students can write short personal notes and letters and make simple log entries.

At Colorado Mountain College, we believe education is the key for you and your family have a better future. We’re here to help you advance, but above all to answer all your questions about classes, applications, scholarships, financial aid, teachers and schedules.