Timberline Analytical Laboratory Ion Chromatograph

An Ion Chromatograph (IC) is used for ionic composition analysis of aqueous solutions where both cationic and anionic species analyses are needed. An IC compliments an ICP by providing the capability to analyze aqueous solutions for actual ionic species rather than as single inorganic elements.

The Dionex ICS 1600 can be used to determine phosphate (PO4), nitrate (NO3), nitrite (NO2), sulfate (SO42-), bromide (Br), fluoride (F), and chloride (Cl) concentrations in natural waters (surface and groundwater) vital for determining water chemistry for environmental laboratories and projects. This is important especially for many restoration/remediation projects as it allows the researcher to know exactly what is occurring chemically and therefore determine whether elements are in a form that is mobile and potentially bioavailable.

ICS 1600 Components

Dionex 1600 ICS analytical columns, pumps, and suppressor.

TAL ICS 1600

Dionex 1600 ICS with autosampler.

TAL Dionex 1600 ICS