Faculty and Staff at Colorado Mountain College in Rifle

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CMC in Rifle Administration

Yesenia Arreola Arreola, Yesenia

Upward Bound Director
970-625-6987 | yarreola@coloradomtn.edu
With CMC since: 2007

Jenny Boone Boone, Jenny

CEPA Coordinator and College Career Advisor, High Schools
970-625-6928 | jboone@coloradomtn.edu
With CMC Since: 2013

Janelle Cook Cook, Janelle

Financial Aid Specialist
970-625-6910 | jcook@coloradomtn.edu
With CMC Since: 2001

Tinker Duclo Duclo, Tinker

Coordinator of Student Services
970-625-6926 | tduclo@coloradomtn.edu
With CMC since: 2008

Joe Gugelman Gugelman, Joe

Maintenance Manager
970-625-6931 | jgugelman@coloradomtn.edu
With CMC Since: 1998

Gethze Hammond Hammond, Gethze

Student Support Services, College Navigator
970-625-6957 | ggrajales@coloradomtn.edu
With CMC Since: 2014

Robin Haney Haney, Robin

Energy Industry Training Coordinator
970-625-6950 | rhaney@coloradomtn.edu
With CMC Since: 2006

Laura Hardman Hardman, Laura

Assistant Dean of Instruction for Arts, Humanities & Math
970-625-6943 | lhardman@coloradomtn.edu
With CMC Since: 2014

Amanda Long Long, Amanda

Early Learners’ Center Director
970-625-6916 | slong@coloradomtn.edu
With CMC Since: 2005

Alicia Mekis Mekis, Alicia

Continuing Education Coordinator
970-625-6982 | amekis@coloradomtn.edu
With CMC Since: 2014

Libby Neal Neal, Libby

Disabilities Services Coordinator
970-625-6959 | edneal@coloradomtn.edu
With CMC Since: 2015

Jessica Paugh Paugh, Jessica

Assistant Dean of Instruction for CTE, Business & Science
970-625-6945 | jrpaugh@coloradomtn.edu
With CMC Since: 2015

Josh Rubin Rubin, Josh

Site Technician
970-625-6940 | jrubin@coloradomtn.edu
With CMC Since: 2007


CMC in Rifle Faculty

Stewart Clark Clark, Stewart

Professor of Applied Engineering Tech Program
970-625-6947 | svclark@coloradomtn.edu
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University, 7 years as oil and gas production supervisor.
With CMC since: 2014

Michael Reyelts Reyelts, Michael

Professor of ESL and Spanish
970-625-6946 | mreyelts@coloradomtn.edu
BA, Spanish and ESL, Brigham Young University. MA in Education and ESL, Adams State College.
With CMC since: 1998

Adrian Rippy-Sheehy Rippy-Sheehy, Adrian

Professor of Real Estate
970-625-6953 | asheehy@coloradomtn.edu
BA, English and Spanish, Colorado State University.
With CMC Since: 1999

Dave Ruffley Ruffley, David “Dave”

Associate Professor of History and Political Science
970-625-6958 | druffley@coloradomtn.edu
BS, Russian History, USAF Academy. MA, International Studies, Univ. of Washington. Ph.D., Russian History, Ohio State.
With CMC Since: 2009

Jason Shoup Shoup, Jason

Welding Program Instructor
970-379-9865 | jshoup@coloradomtn.edu
Construction and oil and gas industry experience since 1995. Specialize in the fabrication of ornamental iron,  structural steel and high pressure gas piping. Owner and operator of a successful welding and fabrication business.
With CMC Since: 2006

graphic - avatar Taylor, Josh

Professor of Applied Engineering Tech Program
970-230-9488 | jrtaylor@coloradomtn.edu
MBA, Westminster College, BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah, +18 years of diversified business and engineering experience in startups and well established organizations. research, development, analysis and commercialization of revolutionary services and products within the aerospace, oil & gas, medical, military, industrial and consumer product industries. www.JL-Associates.com

Nephi Thompson Thompson, Nephi

Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry
970-625-6909 | nthompson@coloradomtn.edu
BS, Physics and Zoology, Brigham Young University. MA, Medicinal Chemistry, Univ. of Utah. Significant coursework towards a doctorate in Science Education, Univ. of CA, San Diego.
With CMC Since: 2009

Robert Van Achen Von Achen, Robert

Associate Professor of English and Communications
970-625-6949 | rvonachen@coloradomtn.edu
Ph.D., English Literature, Oxford University.
With CMC Since: 2011

Rob Wang Wang, Robert

Associate Professor of Science
970-625-6983 | mailto:rwang@coloradomtn.edu
MSE, Univ. of Michigan. Ph.D., Univ. of Northern Colorado.
With CMC Since: 2007

photo - Tracy White White, Tracy

Associate Professor of Mathematics
970-625-6948 | twhite@coloradomtn.edu
BA, Mathematics, Oakland Univ., Rochester, Michigan. MS, Applied Math, CU, Boulder.
With CMC Since: 2009


CMC in Rifle Support Staff

Tanya Doose Doose, Tanya

Administrative Technician, CTE, Business and Science
970-625-6984 | tdoose@coloradomtn.edu
With CMC Since: 2012

Linda Kochevar Kochevar, Linda

Administrative Technician, Front Desk
970-625-6906 | lkochevar@coloradomtn.edu
With CMC Since: 1989

Katie Rust Rust, Katie

Administrative Technician, Student Services
970-625-6927 | krust@coloradomtn.edu
With CMC Since: 2006