Events Calendar for the Roaring Fork Campus

August – September 2014

Fall Classes Begin @ all Colorado Mountain College campuses
Aug 25 all-day
Fall Classes Begin @ all Colorado Mountain College campuses

Photo of Students in Psychology classFall semester classes begin today, August 25, at all Colorado Mountain College locations. Additionally, some classes and shorter workshops begin throughout the semester. Please browse the class schedule for complete details.

Conversational Spanish I @ CMC in Carbondale
Aug 25 @ 6:30 pm – 9:20 pm
Image with two language bubblesClass Description

Offers beginning students the skills necessary to understand and speak Spanish. The material includes basic vocabulary, grammar and expressions that are used in daily situations and in travel.

Text required.

Faculty: Lauren R. Deare
Meets: M • August 25, 2014 – December 8, 2014
Refund Date: September 9, 2014
Credit Hours: 3.0
Syn# 82899

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Videography I @ CMC in Spring Valley
Aug 25 @ 6:30 pm – 8:40 pm
Photo of instructor Corby Anderson and student Lucas Turner

Corby Anderson teaches Videography I in the Isaacson School for New Media at Colorado Mountain College.

Class Description

Offers an introduction to the principles and techniques of videotape production, including camera operation, basic script writing, lighting, sound and basic digital editing. Detailed examination of the pre-production, production, and post-production processes, as well as aesthetics, will be included.

This class is a hybrid class which combines set days for face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning activities. Online components may include discussions, audio-visual presentations, reading assignments, self-testing exercises, small group work, and simulations. The instructor will provide details about the class schedule, face-to-face meeting times, and other details to help you succeed. Students must have basic computer skills including the ability to navigate the Internet, use email, send attachments, and have DSL or high speed access to the Internet.

Faculty: Corbett M. Anderson
Meets: M, , T • August 25, 2014 – December 9, 2014
Refund Date: September 10, 2014
Credit Hours: 3.0
Syn# 83843

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Sensory & Psychological Explorations of Food @ CMC in Glenwood Springs
Sep 4 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
photo of instructor Darrell MacAulay

Transformative Food Educator Darrell MacAulay has a passion for helping heal our culture’s current disconnection from food. In this bountiful harvest season, join her workshop series that will help you recreate your relationship with food.

Class Description

Exploring Food Part I: Sensory and Psychological Explorations of Food. For those interested in deepening their relationship with themselves, each other and the earth, through creative engagement with food-related activities. The course provides participants with a chance to heighten their own sensory awareness of food and the wisdom of the body. In discussions and activities, the course will examine the deep role food plays as a metaphor in our lives. (Sign up for both workshops in the series – Syn. 86179 – for a discounted price of $106).

Meets: TH • September 4, 2014 – September 25, 2014
Refund Date: September 2, 2014
Cost: $60
Syn# 86180

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