Judy Evans, Faculty, Roaring Fork Campus

I graduated from Wesley Nursing School in 1976, have worked for 35 years (WOW! that even surprises me!) as a nurse, and have been pursuing my education for the last 10 years to prepare me to teach. I have a BSN from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, and MSN from Walden University with specialization in Nursing Education.

I have a husband and 4 adult children. We partially raised our family in Oklahoma riding horses, water skiing, playing basketball, and moved to Aspen when they were in school. Now they are all grown or in college, and we love to ski, ride bikes, hike, and have a moment to be quiet now and then.

I am a reader and am in two book clubs-we will see how that goes with all the chapters to read for my job. We lived in Aspen for 12 years and now live at Blue Creek Ranch in Carbondale. I am honored and thrilled to work with the other nurses teaching at CMC, and excited for this new adventure.