Summer Media Camp, Faculty & Staff

Camp faculty and staff consist of experienced CMC faculty and other professionals in their field who are dedicated to making learning fun.

Instructor Christopher Tribble with Student

Yasukuni Christopher Tribble
Founder and President – True Media Foundation

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Mr. Tribble has been a resident of Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley since 1981. In 1980, he received his Bachelor of Arts in Instructional Technology with an emphasis on film and graphic arts from California State University at Chico.

Initially freelancing for the Denver television network affiliates, he soon developed his own company, Versatile Productions, Inc. (VPI). VPI’s clients include local businesses and prominent national corporations, as well as major television networks. In 1998, Mr. Tribble was contracted by CBS to produce feature segments for the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

In recognition of his contributions to the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association (GSCRA), he was honored in 2004 as their “Volunteer of the Year.” Mr. Tribble has received several Telly Awards for his work, including the 2002 marketing video for the GSCRA, Make Some History of Your Own and the 2004 pilot program for Christy’s Kids: Challenge Yourself! In 2002, he produced Be Heard! America’s Youth Forum, a series that offers teens a respectful and supportive program in which to voice their opinions on a broad range of topics. Efforts to seek grants and raise funds for the continuation of the Be Heard! series led Tribble to the realization that there was truly a need for a non-profit foundation that would support and develop “Media that Matters.”

Don Garcia -GarceWorks Productions

Don “Garce” Garcia began his life facing more adversity than many of us will ever meet in our whole lives. Garce was “hemiplegic,” his left side was partially paralyzed and would never recover. The Doctors recommended to the Garcias he be institutionalized. They refused.

As a baby Garce began physical and audio therapy including wearing leg braces 24 hours a day.

This continued through age 11 when he was finally allowed to wear braces only at night.

Jumping at the chance to live life without his braces Garce joined the Boy Scouts. But he was warned there was no way he could make Eagle Scout because the merit badges required were too physically demanding.

What they didn’t know was one of the quickest ways to get Garce to do something is to tell him he can’t, by 17 years of age Garce made Eagle Scout. Garce had always been a fan of skiing, or as he says “Once they took the leg braces off and put a ski boot on I was hooked.”

Of course he didn’t just go make a few turns. Garce won a spot on the U.S. Disabled Ski Team.

He became a bronze medalist in the 1988 Paralympics, bronze medalist 1990 World Championships and a three time World Cup Bronze Medalist. With his unique background as a ski racer Garce moved on to shooting outdoor sports including World Cup Skiing, Winter X Games and Extreme Skiing Championships.

That led to him open his own video production management shop, “GarceWorks” in 1995. Garce is a person that has kept up on the ever changing technologies to satisfy his media clients, by producing local, regional and national commercials from concept to completion. Depending on the project  duties include producing, directing, camera and editing.  From nationally aired infomercials to live programming, GarceWorks is the go to company to ensure a project success. Cameraman for Fox News Channel, KUSA, Inside Edition, Extra, MSNBC on ongoing live shots and news coverage.

The list goes on with the 2010 Olympics: Opening, Closing Ceremonies and Feature Production, 2009 Presidential Inauguration: MSNBC 2008 Election Day in Chicago: Foreign Networks. Over the years Garce has built a reputation for one of the best “one man bands” in the Denver area and beyond. He can shoot, light, take audio and edit. The past 5 years Don has been responsible for all video and archiving for multinational fitness company fitpro. Most recent GarceWorks has produced an award winning educational DVD on Child Development. Awards include 2003 Emmy for remote broadcast team with NBC for 2002 Olympic Coverage

24 Telly Awards, 3 Golden Camera Awards, 4 International Ski Film Festival awards.

Bob Griffiths

Bob is an independent Producer/Director/Editor whose unique blend of skills provide a truly versatile individual who understands the complete production process from start to finish. In addition to being one of the top independent P/D/E’s in the New York area, Bob also has an extensive background in Computer Graphics, Audio Post and Engineering. He has traveled extensively producing and directing programs throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Bob’s client list is as diverse and varied as his skills. Over the past 35 years Bob has worked as a Director of Photography for such broadcasters as NBC on “Friday Night Videos”, PBS on “Tony Brown’s Journal” and “Dance in America”, WCBS for ”Sports Update” and for WWOR on the Emmy award winning “The War Within”.

Bob has extensive “live” experience. He has formatted, planned and directed multi-camera, multi-source events for satellite network programs such as the AT&T and Lucent Annual Meetings. In addition he has directed live-to-tape programs for AT&T, SONY, JOHNSON & JOHNSON, AVAYA and LUCENT, and other live events such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and New Years Eve Celebration for the SONY Jumbotron in Times Square, New York City.

Bob’s creative work has not gone unnoticed by awards organizations. As a Director , Bob has received 26 Telly Awards, 22 Communicator Awards, won the New York Festivals Gold Award for the Johnson & Johnson news quarterly “Insight”,   won 2 National ITVA Awards, and been nominated for 2 Monitor Awards in the categories of Best Lighting Director and Best Editor, as well as other major awards..

Bob’s reputation is for being intensely committed to superior quality productions. He defines that as “…the unique blending of talent and technology to create an innovative experience for the audience that is challenging, compelling, and unquestionably effective.”