Campus Staff at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs

Administrative Services
Peter Perhac, Vice President of the Steamboat Campus, 970-870-4414,
Denise Roach, Executive Assistant, 970-870-4454,
Carol Richards, Accounts Manager, 970-870-4421,

Student Services
Brian Hoza, Campus Dean of Student Affair, 970-870-4463,
Lianne Pyle, , Administrative Assistant,
Lynda Tieck, Coordinator of Student Life, 970-870-4458,
Alisha Maes, Assistant Coordinator Residence Life, 970-871-2013, amaes@coloradomtn.eduAlpine staff hanging sign.
Todd Schuster, Coordinator of Student Activities/Summer Conferences, 979-870-4479,
Ed Bouchard, College Counselor, 970-870-4457,
Chris Harnden, College Counselor, 97-870-4455,

Myra Benson, Registration Technician, 970-870-4419,
Mary Edwards, Financial Aid Specialist, 970-870-4425,
Linda Westlake, Students Receivables Clerk, 970-870-4420,
Pat Rada-Sidinger, Physician Assistant, 970-870-4495,

Student Support Services
Laurie Marano, Student Support Services Director, 970-870-4543,
Jacki Brazill, Admissions Assistant, 970-870-4417,

Disability Services

Debra Farmer, Disability Services Coordinator, 970-870-4450,

Blue James, Bookstore Manager, 970-870-4418,

Kevin Williams, Library Director, 970-870-4493,
Tracey Urbick, Library Technician, 979-870-4451,

Instructional Services
Kathy Kiser-Miller, Campus Dean of Academic Affairs, 970-870-4489,
Kevin Cooper, Instructional Chair, 970-870-4413,
Elyse Tanner, Administrative Assistant, 970-870-4544,
June Silva, Administrative Assistant, 970-870-4512,
Kathie Rudasics, Administrative Assistant, 970-870-4423,
Sandy Kent, Instructional Support Technician, 970-870-4439,
Erin Furman, Microcomputer Specialist, 970-870-4480,

Occupational and Community Education
Randy Rudasics, Small Business Development Ctr. Counselor, 970-870-4491,

Physical Plant
Bob Beck, Physical Plant Manager, 970-870-4442,
Willie Samuelson, Maintenance Mechanic, 970-870-4402,
Dave Brees, Maintenance Mechanic, 970-870-4401,
Bill Norris, Maintenance Mechanic, 970-870-4472,
Silas Axtell, Grounds Keeper, 970-870-4453, apond@coloradomtn.eduAlpine Campus staff planting shrubs.
Lori Bartlett, Custodian, 970-870-4452
David Smith, Custodian, 970-870-4452
Dusty Wilson, Custodian, 970-870-4452
Betty Whitmore, Custodian, 970-870-4452