Programs Offered at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs

Pursue Your Associate Degree with programs such as Art, Ski & Snowboard Business, Resort Management, Science and Outdoor Education

Ski-Guiding-webpageColorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs offers courses in the arts, humanities, social sciences and physical sciences that fulfill the first two years of course work for transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Start your career in a number of vocational programs: Ski and Snowboard Business, Hotel and Resort Management and Outdoor Education.

Colorado Mountain College is an accredited institution with an articulation agreement for ease of transfer to all Colorado universities and state colleges. Our students also find ease-of-transfer credits to most out-of-state institutions as well.

Bachelor’s Degrees
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies CMC Sustainability icon.

Associate Degrees and Certificate Programs
Associate of Arts
Associate of General Studies
Associate of Science

Art and Design
Visual Art (AA)

Business and Public Administration
Accounting (AAS, Cert)

Business (AA)

Registered Tax Preparer (AAS)
Small Business Finance (Cert)
Professional Bookkeeper (AAS, Cert)

Early Childhood Education (AAS)

Health Science and Public Safety
Nurse Aid
Emergency Medical Technician (Cert, EMT)

Information Technology & Web Development
GIS – Geographic Information Systems
Hospitality, Culinary, Restaurant, Ski & Resort Management
Resort Management (AAS)
Restaurant & Culinary Management (AAS & Cert)
Ski & Snowboard Business (AAS, Cert)
Spa Management (Cert)
Ski & Snowboard Shop Technician (Cert)
Ski and Snowboard Shop Manager (Cert)
Ski & Snowboard Marketing Media Manager (Cert)
Ski and Snowboard Guide (Cert)

Outdoor Education
Outdoor Education (AA, CC)
Fly-fishing Guide (Cert)

Science & Engineering
Biology (AS)
Environment Science (AS)
CMC – CU Engineering (AGS)
Physics (AS)