Learning Lab and Tutoring Services at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs

The Learning Lab, located in Bristol 146, is the place to find regularly scheduled group tutoring sessions as well as access to computers.

Any current CMC student needing academic support has access to Professional and Peer tutors during specified times throughout the day. It has been proven by research that if students seek help early in the semester they are more likely to succeed.

Goals of the Tutorial Program:

  • To create a calm supportive atmosphere in which to learn.
  • To build the student’s self confidence by providing only positive experiences.
  • To offer an academic support system in all subjects for those who need assistance.
  • To encourage independent learning in the student.

Please contact Barb Tuchlinsky in Bristol 146, btuchlinsky@coloradomtn.edu or 970-870-4428, with questions or specific tutoring requests. The lab is open for student use and studying throughout the day.

Fall 2015 Tutoring Times by Subject

Accounting I and II
Friday  11-1pm

Anatomy and Physiology
Thursday 11:30-12:30pm

Monday 9-11:30am
Tuesday 3-5:30pm

Business/Economics/Finance/Legal Environment of Business/Accounting
Wednesday 6-7:30pm
Thursday 6-7:30pm

Monday 10-12pm and 3:30-5pm
Tuesday 10:30-12:30pm and 3-6pm
Wednesday 12:30-2pm and 4-5:30pm
Thursday 3-6pm

Monday 10-12pm and 3:30-5pm
Tuesday 3-6pm
Wednesday 4-5:30pm
Thursday 3-6pm

Math through College Algebra
Monday 10-1:30pm and 3:30-5pm
Tuesday 10:30-12:30 and 3-6pm
Wednesday 12-2pm, 4-5:30pm
Thursday 12:30-6pm
Friday 11-12:30pm

Tuesday – 10:30-12pm
Wednesday 12:30-2pm

Monday 12-1:30pm
Wednesday 12-1:30pm
Friday 11-12:30pm

Writing and English
Monday 11-1pm
Tuesday 3:30-5:30pm
Thursday 10-12pm

Students may also access CMC’s online tutoring service called Smarthinking.  Logon to your Canvas account for instructions.


How many hours of tutoring may I access?  You may access up to 1 hour per credit per week. Example; a 3 credit math class gives you  up to 3 hours each week.

Do I need to pay for tutoring?  No.

May I access tutoring if I’m taking a web course?  Yes.  If your course is not on the schedule, then please contact Barb Tuchlinsky.

What is a peer tutor? 
A peer tutor is a student or other person who excels in the course material.

I’m interested in becoming a peer tutor. What do I need to do?  Fill out an application and bring to the Learning Lab along with the latest copy of your college transcript.

Graphic - tutoring schedule link.

Download the Fall 2015 Tutoring Schedule (pdf) or see text version on this page.

Learning Lab Hours

• Monday-Friday, 8am – 8pm
• Saturday & Sunday, closed