Canvas Administrator Training

Please note: This training is not intended for students or for the majority of instructors at Colorado Mountain College. Typically only those staff who are supervising instructors and need to monitor those instructors’ Canvas courses would need administrator access to Canvas.

This training is required for those supervisors who are requesting administrator access to the Canvas online course system. Administrator access to Canvas is granted on a per-semester basis only; for administrator access both this training and a Canvas Basics Online training must have been completed within the past calendar year.

This training will take place completely online in the Canvas learning management system. It is self-paced so there are no class meetings. There is a final deadline at the end of each semester. However, keep in mind that administrator access will not be granted until you pass this training and meet the other requirements.

This training will address:

  • Best practices for administrators, from FERPA to IT security tips
  • Understanding accounts and sub-accounts in Canvas
  • Explanation of the Canvas beta environment and the Canvas test environment and how and why to use them
  • How to search for a Canvas course as an administrator
  • How to search for a Canvas user as an administrator
  • Understanding how and when Canvas is updated by Colorado Mountain College and by Instructure
  • Canvas Analytics
  • Canvas Guides, Canvas Community, Instructure’s tech support platforms
  • How to view and understand activities for a user
  • How to view and understand course activity
  • How to masquerade as a user and when it’s appropriate to do so

Participants may work on the assignments for this training at any time of day or night, from any computer (PC or Mac) with an Internet connection and either Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. After you register for this training in WebAdvisor, log into Canvas later that day or the next morning and you will see the Canvas course listed. Enter the Canvas course and follow the directions; you will also find the deadline for completing this training in the Canvas course.

Estimated completion time: 3 hours.

WebAdvisor registration information

Please register for this training via WebAdvisor using the following information: 17/SU TRN901 CS40 (SYN: 08417). Or ask us to register you! Use SYN number 08417.
Problems registering? Contact the IT Department’s Service Desk for help registering with WebAdvisor at 970-947-8438 or 866-642-0495.