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Innovations in Teaching and Learning Training

CMC Copyright Self-Paced Training

Imagine this scenario: a student comes to you and says, “My text book is on back order and won’t be here until next week. May I borrow yours and copy the chapter you just assigned to read?” What is your response? Is this simple request a violation of copyright laws? Is this covered under fair […]

Canvas Best Practice Webinar Series

The Canvas Best Practice Webinar Series is a series of free recorded webinars on Canvas-related topics and best practices; please check the website for upcoming live webinars as well. Date Ongoing Instructor Instructure staff Registration No WebAdvisor registration; please visit this site to find these free webinars.

Respondus 4.0 & StudyMate Author Licensing Course

This course is only open to CMC faculty and staff who wish to obtain the official one-year license through Colorado Mountain College for the Respondus 4.0 test authoring software and/or the Respondus StudyMate Author software,  an authoring tool that creates web-based learning activities and games that can be added to Canvas. Both are PC-only. Enrolling […]

A-Train Platform 2

Please note, there is a pre-requisite for the A-Train Platform 2 training: you must have received a passing grade of P (pass) for the A-Train training. You can verify that you have met this prerequisite by logging into Canvas, and then going into the course to view your grade and the course requirement for passing […]


Eligibility: only employees who are adjunct faculty who teach credit courses or ESL/GED courses at Colorado Mountain College are eligible for the A-Train. This is an required online workshop for adjunct faculty who teach credit courses or ESL/GED courses at Colorado Mountain College. After you register for the A-Train in WebAdvisor, you will be able […]