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Innovations in Teaching and Learning Training

Interactive Video System (IVS) Classroom Technology

Join us for this self-paced training offered online via Canvas. You will learn how to utilize CMC’s Interactive Video System (IVS) classrooms. IVS courses are fully interactive college credit courses delivered via live, real-time television. IVS classrooms extend access to CMC courses by enabling an instructor to teach at one location, while students can attend […] Accessibility

Join us for this self-paced online training with! Do all students have equal access to the learning resources and opportunities in your classroom? Learn to provide accommodations to make learning accessible to students with disabilities and meet Section 508 compliance for digital learning. In this course from, Oliver Schinkten explores how to modify […]

Self-Paced Training: WebEx Presenter

Join us for this self-paced training offered online via Canvas. You will have all semester to work at your own speed and learn valuable guidance and tips for leading a WebEx session. Whether you are working with colleagues or students, take the stress out of presenting to your audience! We will cover: Using WebEx via […]

Diversity: Four Strategies to Engage the Multicultural Classroom

Diversity is the name of the game in higher education today, but facilitating a genuinely multicultural classroom requires more than a fresh set of labels. Learn the four key points of entry into multicultural course design. You will be guided through a framework for creating and sustaining an inclusive classroom. In this self-paced fully online […]

WebEx for Canvas Courses

This course introduces participants to the basics of using the Cisco WebEx web conferencing tool in Canvas courses. This training will get you started with the basics of using WebEx in a Canvas course including: how to schedule WebEx web conferences in a Canvas course how to view WebEx recordings and share them in a […]

Canvas Assistant Tour: Self-Paced Training for Canvas Assistants

This training covers the basics regarding Canvas and related resources so that CMC employees who are working as tutors, Assistants, and Student Assistants for Canvas courses are prepared to help faculty with Canvas courses. This training will take place completely online in Canvas. It is self-paced so there are no class meetings. Since this is […]

Social Media in Higher Education: Legal Considerations

This training covers the basics so that you know what legal issues your social media practices could raise. Learn how to craft strategies to use social media with neither constant oversight nor unnecessary legal exposure. Watch a recorded webinar led by Jacob Rooksby, Assistant Professor of Law at Duquesne University School of Law. A brief […]

Canvas Instructor Tour: Self-Paced Training for Canvas Instructors

Are you an instructor wishing to learn the fundamentals of Canvas at your own pace? This self-paced, fully online training is for you! Participants will learn the basics of Canvas for instructors by watching a series of videos created by the Instructure company, the maker of Canvas, and participate in online activities and quizzes. Please […]

Canvas Administrator Training

Please note: This training is not intended for students or for the majority of instructors at Colorado Mountain College. Typically only those staff who are supervising instructors and need to monitor those instructors’ Canvas courses would need administrator access to Canvas. This training is required for those supervisors who are requesting administrator access to the […]

Self-Paced Training: Accessibility & Canvas

Discover how easy it is to use to ensure that your Canvas course is accessible for your students.  Learn from the instructional design team at the University of Central Florida about a variety of resources and steps that will help faculty create accessible Canvas courses in our new self-paced training!  This training includes strategies to […]