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#Faculty / Awards

Faculty of the Year, 2015 Cynthia Bell, Bachelor of Business Administration Program, Adjunct Faculty of the Year for 2015 “Cynthia has a wonderful following of students. Students leave her classes with a hands-on, relevant and critical understanding of the way in which the business world operates.” Read eNews Story  

#Faculty / Awards

Faculty of the Year, 2015 Carol Koch, Spanish, named Edwards full-time Faculty of the Year for 2015 “Carol is intent on creating collaborations across disciplines, encouraging interdisciplinary learning such as the Costa Rica study abroad trip, connect[ing] Spanish learning with environmental science.” Read eNews Story

Shoup, Jason

Welding Program Instructor 970-379-9865 | Education Construction and oil and gas industry experience since 1995. Specialize in the fabrication of ornamental iron,  structural steel and high pressure gas piping. Owner and operator of a successful welding and fabrication business. With CMC Since: 2006

Wang, Robert

Associate Professor of Science 970-625-6983 | Education MSE, Univ. of Michigan. Ph.D., Univ. of Northern Colorado. With CMC Since: 2007

Von Achen, Robert

Associate Professor of English and Communications 970-625-6949 | Education Ph.D., English Literature, Oxford University. With CMC Since: 2011

White, Tracy

Associate Professor of Mathematics 970-625-6948 | Education BA, Mathematics, Oakland Univ., Rochester, Michigan. MS, Applied Math, CU, Boulder. With CMC Since: 2009

Thompson, Nephi

Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry 970-625-6909 | Education BS, Physics and Zoology, Brigham Young University. MA, Medicinal Chemistry, Univ. of Utah. Significant coursework towards a doctorate in Science Education, Univ. of CA, San Diego. With CMC Since: 2009

Ruffley, David “Dave”

Associate Professor of History and Political Science 970-625-6958 | Education BS, Russian History, USAF Academy. MA, International Studies, Univ. of Washington. Ph.D., Russian History, Ohio State. With CMC Since: 2009

Rippy-Sheehy, Adrian

Professor of Real Estate 970-625-6953 | Education BA, English and Spanish, Colorado State University. With CMC Since: 1999