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Gary Keeling

Everyone is given a voice “The faculty promote a forum style of discussion in class. That really attracted me. In the past, my educational experiences have been that teaching has been one-way. The discussion format is what these classes are all about:  you study, then come into class and articulate your ideas. That was a […]

Cody & Tyler Jensen

Paramount to further life success “The type of education you get here is paramount to further life success: You’re in small classes which challenge you to really think. And, the academics are just as good as if we’d gone to our other potential choices. The combination of the two degrees provided us an incredible learning […]

Alesha Frederick

I have opened up doors “With this degree, I have opened up doors that I wasn’t even aware existed. I’ve learned so much more than the core principles of business. I’ve learned important leadership skills – and most importantly I’ve learned the importance of social responsibility. What I do and how I do it matters. […]

Jennifer Wagner

I had no idea a college could be so open and inviting “My experiences at Colorado Mountain College were a really big eye-opener for me when I compare them to my experiences at Colorado School of Mines. Colorado Mountain College has small class sizes where students can really interact with the professors and other students. […]

Kyle Ballinghoff

The business program is very fresh, very exciting “My bachelor’s courses were all hands on, right away. You’re not sitting in a lecture hall just talking theory. You’re doing it.  And you’re doing it at a cheaper rate than anywhere else in the state. Colorado Mountain College allows you the freedom to pursue both your […]

Victoria Kasik

The faculty go above and beyond “The faculty at CMC are of a caliber that I would never of expected to find in such a small town. The teachers here are really invested in their students. Previously, I had attended a much larger university where I was sitting in classes of 400 students and I […]

Ryan McCulley

Employer Recommendation “Ryan McCulley was great to work with and provided expertise that was imperative for the implementation of our guide and outfitter process. I will highly recommend this program to other Forest Service administrators…throughout the state. We were able to hire Ryan as a seasonal employee… I feel comfortable giving him any project and […]

Steven Rizzo

Flexible Program “The ORL program prepared me for what I’m doing now by giving me the skills and knowledge to competently run my own outfitter. The most valuable part of the program was its flexibility, which allows students to choose their own areas of expertise and not just one set program path. If you love […]

Stacey Novak

I get to be Stacey, not a faceless number “I thrive in an environment that is personal, and value the relationships I’ve created with my professors and classmates. The instructors that I’ve had the opportunity to learn from at Colorado Mountain College have been absolutely amazing: I cannot speak highly enough about their caliber. For […]

Ben Rhinesmith

Talented and Motivated Instructors “The ORL program surrounded me with talented and motivated instructors and role models. Their constant support, encouragement, and advice motivated me to improve myself. They helped shape my view of the outdoor industry while teaching me the tangible skills such as climbing, hiking, and orienteering, and while teaching the intangible skills […]