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Christine Smith

photo - Cristie SmithProfessor of Communications/Humanities
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Christie Smith has taught Composition, Literature, and Humanities at CMC since 2009.

Her BA in English is from Tufts University in Medford, Mass; her MA and Ph.D. in American Studies are from University of Denver. The focus of her academic study is western American Literature, with a Master’s thesis on Nebraska writer Willa Cather, and her Ph.D. dissertation and subsequent book on turn-of-the-20th-century western writer and illustrator Mary Hallock Foote.

Christie enjoys demonstrating to students—in Humanities and Lit classes, as well as Composition classes—that the great ideas in history and culture have importance now, as newer generations take knowledge and values from the past and make the world anew according to their own concerns and needs.

Christie lives in Carbondale and enjoys biking, hiking, camping, traveling as much as possible, and dinner parties.

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Upwardly Mobile: Teaching “The Enchanted Bluff ” to Contemporary Students (pdf) by Christine Hill Smith

Social Class in the Writings of Mary Hallock Foote by Christine Hill Smith

Photo - Book cover of Social Class in the Writings of Mary Hallock Foote