Find Your Textbooks!

Need to order textbooks or look up the International Standard Book Number (ISBN)? Follow the steps below.

Working directly with our bookstores will help make sure you show up to class with the correct textbook and edition. Plus, buy-back options are available. But the choice is yours. You are free to order or rent books from any business.


All Other CMC Campuses and Online Learning

  1. Check the Course Number on your registration form or look it up in WebAdvisor or the Campus Class Schedule.
  2. Go to the CMC Online Bookstore.
  3. Click on Books in the navigation bar
  4. Select your Campus and Term (semester)
  5. Find your class, matching the course number
  6. Follow the instructions to order your textbook

Textbook FAQ’s:

Q: Can I wait until I arrive on campus to buy books?
A: Textbooks aren’t available at campus stores, so you should factor in shipping time when ordering books. It is best to order books right after registering.

Q: Do I have to order from the CMC Online Bookstore?
A: You may purchase your books anywhere, but make sure you are ordering the same ISBN that’s shown in the CMC Online Bookstore. Be wary of people selling the books at incredibly low prices. These may be prior editions or “international” versions. Some used books may also be missing supplemental materials, like software, so ask the seller before purchasing! Also, make sure the sellers shipping time will allow your books to arrive in plenty of time for your first class.

Q: Can I use financial aid to pay for my books?
A: Speak to your financial aid advisor for details on setting up a financial aid Flex Account. You can use this when checking out from the CMC Online Bookstore. Your Flex Account can’t be used as a payment source at any other bookstore. Contact your Campus/Program Coordinator to set up your financial aid account.

Q: How can I make book buying more affordable?
1) Rent your books instead of buying.
2) Buy used.
3) Purchase digital editions.
4) Campus libraries often have textbooks, though you usually can’t check these out.
5) Sell your books as soon as the semester ends (used textbooks depreciate fast, so don’t wait until graduation).

Q: Do I need to purchase materials other than books?
A: Maybe. For each class, check the “class notes” in the CMC Online Bookstore for important information and any additional materials required by the instructor.