Getting to Class

Next steps for success at Colorado Mountain College

You are officially registered for your class at Colorado Mountain College. We believe in you and your success, and we will be here to support you in every step of your journey.

Your personal checklist:

  • I have confirmed that my payment is posted on WebAdvisor/Payments (login required) This first step is critical! If your payment is not showing, contact your campus immediately to avoid any interruption in your schedule. We appreciate your understanding that you will be dropped from any unpaid classes at midnight on the day you register.
  • I have reviewed my class schedule, and it is correct. Go to WebAdvisor/Schedule (login required)

Get Ready for Class

  • I ordered all of my required textbooks and supplies at the CMC Bookstore. How to order books.
  • I have completed my new student orientation.
  • I have set up my Canvas account, and I can access online resources for my classes.
  • I have tested my Student Gmail Account.
  • I understand that my Student Gmail is my official means of communicating with my faculty and administration.
  • Online Classes: I have read the instructions to prepare for learning online.

Remember… We are always here to assist you!