Getting Started in Your Online Learning Classes

Congratulations! If you have arrived at this page, you have likely registered for an Online Learning class at Colorado Mountain College. Being prepared for the beginning of the semester is vital to your success in online learning. Please complete the following steps to get started.

Step 1

Download your syllabus from the Online Learning Schedule & Syllabi page. Select the current semester (the previous semester may also be displayed) and navigate until you find the syllabus link for your course. If there isn’t a link that means that the instructor is still putting the final touches on the syllabus. Please check back frequently so you can download the syllabus once it’s ready.

The course syllabus contains important information including instructor contact information, the course outline, required text, and instructions for accessing your class in the learning management system.

Step 2

Order your textbooks from the Colorado Mountain College Online Bookstore. When asked your location, be sure to indicate “Online Learning & IVS.” If your syllabus wasn’t posted (Step 1), you can still order your textbook from Follett. Any required or optional textbooks for your class will be listed on the Follett website.

Step 3

The CMC Online Learning Management System (LMS), is Canvas. See Canvas Resources to find directions on accessing your account and updating your personal information. Access to the course site in the learning management system should be available on the start date for the course. It is important to update your personal information with the email address you will use for the semester and a phone number where the instructor can reach you.

Step 4

Email the instructor at the address in the syllabus as soon as possible letting him or her know you have registered for the course. Some instructors will communicate through the learning management system while others use their own email distribution list. Receiving an email from you will help them build that list. Every student who registers for a credit course receives a CMC email account. In order to communicate quickly and effectively with our students, CMC requires each student to use their CMC email.

Step 5

Some Web courses use videos for part of the content delivery. The syllabus will have detailed information on how you can access the videos. If there are options for your course, decide which option works best for your situation and make certain you have access before the class starts.

Step 6

Smarthinking is an online tutoring service provided by Colorado Mountain College. Depending on the courses in which you are enrolled, you may find Smarthinking’s supplemental help an important part of your success. Visit Online Tutoring – Smarthinking

Step 7

Questions or comments about Online Learning? Email Or call us at 970-947-8370

You should now be ready to read, watch, write, and otherwise study. Follow the syllabus, stay in contact with your instructor, and enjoy the learning!