Frequently Asked Questions about Online Learning

Below are some common questions students have regarding Colorado Mountain College Online Learning courses. They cover such topics as computer knowledge/requirements, campus visits, and acquiring course materials/information. Please visit the pages for each type of course. If the items contained here or on the other Online Learning pages do not answer your questions, please feel free to contact any one of the following people.

For more information about:

IVS Courses, contact: Daryl Yarrow
Web Courses
, contact: Karen Kaemmerling
General Questions
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Common Questions about the Online Learning

Can anyone take Online Learning courses?
Yes, but Online Learning courses are not for everyone. To be able to successfully complete a web course, you need to be self-motivated. You will not regularly attend class on campus. Some people learn best by interacting face to face with other students. Interaction in a web course is achieved via writing and email. Students benefit from greater freedom to schedule their time and complete their educational goals by working independently from home or work.

Interactive Video System classes are different from web courses in that all students can see and hear the instructor. Therefore, IVS courses require classroom or site attendance during all scheduled times. You need to have available time during your schedule to attend class in one of the designated locations at the scheduled times.

Where can I find a listing of all current Online Learning courses?
There are a couple different ways to find out what Online Learning courses are currently being offered.

  1. See the Online Learning Schedule for a listing of current and upcoming Online Learning courses.
  2. Online Learning courses are also listed in each campus/site bulletin just like any other course.

How competent do I need to be with my computer if I take a Web Course?
Students considering modem-delivered classes should be comfortable with the following computer skills:

  • Familiar with the operating system used on your computer or the computer you will be using.
  • Be comfortable with word processing software.
  • Understand terms such as mouse, drag, drop, open, select, file, choose, double-click, download, upload, send, etc.
  • Understand how to use the following features:
    1. Installation of new software
    2. Pull down menus and directories in Windows or folders on a Macintosh
    3. Save/Save As (files)
    4. File naming conventions (number of characters, extensions, text only, etc.)
    5. Use of ALT + Tab in Windows or the FINDER on a Macintosh (to switch between applications)
    6. Copying files between directories and drives, or folders and drives
    7. Finding files on the hard drive or on disks
    8. Minimize and maximize Windows
    9. Copy and paste text or graphics across applications (using the clipboard)

How will I find out the course information?
Most web-based courses have telephone or online orientations that students are required to complete at the beginning of the term. The course syllabus will also provide you with all course information, including the contact information for the instructor if you should have any questions. All instructors want to be sure that you know to call them when you may have questions so that you get the most out of your course and Online Learning experience.

How will I be able to obtain the required materials such as textbooks?
Students enrolled in web and IVS courses will be responsible for acquiring the required text on their own. When students download/pick up a syllabus it will have book information included. Most books for web and IVS courses are available through CMC Online Bookstore. Students should place orders directly through the Colorado Mountain College Online Bookstore.

How are exams and homework handled?
Web course exams are distributed to each site and each site has a person assigned to proctor the exams at an arranged time with the student. Some instructors will use take home exams rather than this procedure.

Most web course lessons and assignments are done online using a variety of evaluation tools. Online interaction usually takes place within Canvas, our learning managements system. Some instructors may give midterm and final exams on campus. Some classes substitute projects or papers in lieu of exams.

Homework for web courses is submitted via your computer in a variety of methods. Most often this involves sending email to your instructor. Email and/or discussion boards are sometimes used as well. Assignments are usually listed on the web or in the syllabus you receive.

IVS exams are performed during class time and are proctored by the instructor.

If I am taking a Online Learning course, will I have to go to campus at all?
If you are enrolled in a web course … possibly. Students may be asked to visit their local CMC campus to view or check out videotapes and utilize library resources. This information is also given to you at the orientation or in the syllabus.

If you are enrolled in an IVS course … yes! IVS Courses require classroom or site attendance during all scheduled times. This class is similar to any regular class, except for the fact that some students are at different sites seeing, hearing, and interacting with the class via live interactive video.

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