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Use the library below to view and download syllabi by semester. If the syllabus for your upcoming course is not yet listed, please check back at a later date.  It will be posted as soon as it becomes available from the instructor.

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Online Learning textbooks can be ordered through the Colorado Mountain College Online Bookstore. See Class Schedules for other courses offered in the classroom at various CMC locations.

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Syllabi for Online Learning Courses

Spring 2016 Syllabi

ACC121 Web SP16108.4 KiB
ACC122 Web SP16292.6 KiB
ACC335 Web SP16319.0 KiB
ACC416 ACC216 Collaborate And Web SP16387.9 KiB
ACC432 ACC232 Collaborate And Web SP16263.4 KiB
ANT101 Web SP1681.9 KiB
ANT215 Web SP1696.3 KiB
ART110 Web SP16107.8 KiB
ART112 Web SP16230.2 KiB
ART139 Web SP16116.0 KiB
AST101 Web Lab Field SP16102.1 KiB
BIO105 Web And Lab SP16 Accelerated165.4 KiB
BIO106 Web And Lab SP16120.0 KiB
BIO115 Web SP16175.8 KiB
BIO204 Web And Lab SP167.9 MiB
BIO216 Web SP16 Doc116.8 KiB
BIS324 Web SP16 Accelerated82.9 KiB
BUS102 Web SP1676.8 KiB
BUS115 Web SP16115.9 KiB
BUS203 Web SP1695.2 KiB
BUS216 Web SP16109.3 KiB
BUS217 Web SP16104.3 KiB
BUS226 Web SP16 Syn94576 Stewart111.5 KiB
BUS485 Web SP16143.3 KiB
CHE101 Web And Lab SP16149.9 KiB
CHE112 Web And Lab SP16149.1 KiB
CIS115 Web SP1699.6 KiB
CIS118 Web SP16 Mac With Office2011 Syn94573908.5 KiB
CIS118 Web SP16 Office2010 Syn94572 Revised 1-4-16161.0 KiB
CIS118 Web SP16 Office2013 Syn94574918.2 KiB
CIS128 Web SP16 OSX El Capitan Syn94681868.3 KiB
CIS128 Web SP16 Windows10 Syn94680879.3 KiB
CIS135 Web SP1693.4 KiB
CIS155 Web SP161.0 MiB
CIS165 Web SP16 PowerPoint2010 Syn9468489.7 KiB
CIS165 Web SP16 PowerPoint2013 Syn9549292.6 KiB
COM125 Web SP16 Syn94578 And 97101 Herman65.0 KiB
COM125 Web SP16 Syn95817 Plaks Accelerated56.4 KiB
CRJ111 Web SP16274.5 KiB
CRJ210 Web SP16280.9 KiB
ECE101 Web SP1679.0 KiB
ECE102 Collaborate And Web SP16298.8 KiB
ECE124 Web And Field SP1677.6 KiB
ECE241 Collaborate And Web SP16182.7 KiB
ECE260 Collaborate And Web SP16302.0 KiB
ECE288 Collaborate And Web SP16111.2 KiB
ECO201 Web SP16110.7 KiB
ECO202 Web SP16 Revised 1-12-1670.0 KiB
EDU131 Web SP1686.8 KiB
EDU134 Web SP16193.8 KiB
EDU221 Web SP16150.9 KiB
ENG121 Web SP16 Syn94592 Yantz72.8 KiB
ENG121 Web SP16 Syn95693 Bruch Accelerated88.5 KiB
ENG122 Web SP16 Syn94593 Crew70.9 KiB
ENG122 Web SP16 Syn96844 Bruch73.0 KiB
ENG122 Web SP16 Syn97013 Barkhurst Revised 1-12-16128.9 KiB
ENG122 Web SP16 Syn97291 Crew Accelerated70.0 KiB
ENV101 Web Lab Field SP16 Syn94594 16week233.4 KiB
ENV101 Web Lab Field SP16 Syn95695 Accelerated235.9 KiB
FIN433 Web SP1659.3 KiB
GIS110 Web And Lab SP1671.3 KiB
HIS101 Web SP16102.8 KiB
HIS102 Web SP1678.1 KiB
HIS111 Web SP16231.6 KiB
HIS121 Web SP16156.1 KiB
HIS122 Web SP16156.1 KiB
HIS225 Web SP16227.5 KiB
HOS148 Web SP1664.5 KiB
HOS221 Web SP1686.4 KiB
HOS242 Web SP1695.8 KiB
HOS255 Web SP16109.1 KiB
HPR106 Web SP16277.3 KiB
HPR112 Web And Lab SP1686.8 KiB
HPR118 Web SP16161.0 KiB
HPR178 Web SP1676.6 KiB
HPR180 Internship SP1676.5 KiB
HUM122 Web SP1682.0 KiB
HUM164 Web SP16156.0 KiB
HWE100 Web SP16118.2 KiB
HWE111 Web SP16104.3 KiB
LIT115 Web SP16157.3 KiB
LIT205 Web SP16121.6 KiB
LIT255 Web SP16104.3 KiB
MAN216 Web SP1696.5 KiB
MAN230 Web SP1696.5 KiB
MAN348 Web SP1686.4 KiB
MAN490 Web SP1697.6 KiB
MAR222 Web SP1685.2 KiB
MAT121 Web SP16 Syn94641 Barchers111.3 KiB
MAT121 Web SP16 Syn97104 Romanova97.9 KiB
MAT122 Web SP1697.2 KiB
MAT125 Web SP16115.5 KiB
MAT135 Web SP16 Syn94644 Barchers104.6 KiB
MAT155 Web SP1696.1 KiB
MOT120 Web SP16110.5 KiB
MOT130 Web SP16113.5 KiB
MOT136 Web And Lab SP1684.0 KiB
MOT138 Web And Lab SP1688.6 KiB
MOT140 Web And Lab SP1689.2 KiB
MOT183 Internship SP1676.7 KiB
MUS120 Web SP16200.6 KiB
PAR115 Web SP1667.0 KiB
PAR116 Web SP1686.8 KiB
PAR125 Web SP1677.5 KiB
PAR127 Web SP1686.2 KiB
PAR206 Web SP16277.8 KiB
PAR213 Web SP1689.1 KiB
PAR289 Web SP1682.6 KiB
PHI111 Web SP1693.7 KiB
PHI112 Web SP1685.5 KiB
PHI113 Web SP1690.7 KiB
PHI115 Web SP16129.7 KiB
PHI116 Web SP16129.8 KiB
PHI218 Web SP16124.3 KiB
POS111 Web SP16227.1 KiB
PSY101 Web SP1689.7 KiB
PSY102 Web SP16 Syn94667 Conrad157.3 KiB
PSY102 Web SP16 Syn95144 Fazande Accelerated112.9 KiB
PSY110 Web SP16117.3 KiB
PSY211 Web SP16193.9 KiB
PSY235 Web SP16 Syn94670 Jensson63.7 KiB
PSY235 Web SP16 Syn96941 Zoni163.8 KiB
REE103 Web SP16132.0 KiB
SCI156 Web And Lab SP16208.2 KiB
SOC102 Web SP1664.7 KiB
SOC215 Web SP1691.6 KiB
SPA111 Collaborate And Web SP1663.9 KiB


Fall 2015 Syllabi

ACC121 Web FA15112.5 KiB
ACC122 Web FA15266.4 KiB
ACC131 And 331 IVS And Web FA15308.4 KiB
ACC211 And 311 IVS And Web FA15314.9 KiB
ACC226 And 326 IVS And Web FA15290.7 KiB
ACC235 Web FA15114.4 KiB
ACC451 Web FA15332.9 KiB
ACC455 Web FA15351.0 KiB
ANT101 Web FA1582.1 KiB
ART110 Web FA15122.9 KiB
ART111 Web FA15241.0 KiB
ART207 Web FA15 Revised Text Information238.5 KiB
AST101 Web Lab Field FA15101.1 KiB
BIO105 Web And Lab FA15248.4 KiB
BIO106 Web And Lab FA15198.2 KiB
BIO115 Web FA15194.6 KiB
BIO204 Web And Lab FA157.9 MiB
BIS334 Web FA1591.0 KiB
BUS115 Web FA15102.2 KiB
BUS204 Web FA1587.2 KiB
BUS216 Web FA1583.8 KiB
BUS217 Web FA15217.5 KiB
CHE101 Web And Lab FA1584.1 KiB
CHE111 Web And Lab FA1560.3 KiB
CIS115 Web FA15109.0 KiB
CIS118 Web FA15 Mac With Office2011 Syn90126907.8 KiB
CIS118 Web FA15 Office2010 Syn90123880.2 KiB
CIS118 Web FA15 Office2013 Syn90125916.3 KiB
CIS145 Web FA15255.3 KiB
CIS155 Web FA151.0 MiB
COM125 Web FA15 Syn90138 Herman101.0 KiB
COM125 Web FA15 Syn94074 Plaks98.4 KiB
COM126 Web FA1555.9 KiB
CRJ111 Web FA15125.4 KiB
CRJ210 Web FA15279.9 KiB
ECE111 Collaborate And Web FA15146.9 KiB
ECE112 Web FA15144.3 KiB
ECE123 Web FA15110.4 KiB
ECE125 Web FA1571.0 KiB
ECE188 Collaborate And Web FA15106.6 KiB
ECE205 Web FA1567.7 KiB
ECE226 Web FA1578.4 KiB
ECE238 Collaborate And Web FA1569.2 KiB
ECE288 Collaborate And Web FA15109.9 KiB
ECO201 Web FA15162.6 KiB
ECO202 Web FA1564.7 KiB
ECO327 Web FA1563.9 KiB
EDU222 Web FA15 Syn93354 Tinner121.3 KiB
ENG121 Web FA15 Syn90159 Beckum168.5 KiB
ENG121 Web FA15 Syn93987 Yantz72.7 KiB
ENG121 Web FA15 Syn94144 Bruch74.4 KiB
ENG122 Web FA15 Syn90160 And 93988 Beaver281.5 KiB
ENG122 Web FA15 Syn94145 Bruch65.6 KiB
ENV101 Web Lab Field FA15 Syn90082 Wang203.9 KiB
FIN325 Web FA1556.9 KiB
GEO105 Web FA15108.4 KiB
GIS101 Web And Lab FA1577.4 KiB
HIS101 Web FA15122.6 KiB
HIS102 Web FA15104.4 KiB
HIS112 Web FA15239.2 KiB
HIS121 Web FA15156.1 KiB
HIS122 Web FA15155.6 KiB
HIS225 Web FA15227.3 KiB
HOS139 Web FA1572.4 KiB
HOS140 Web FA1582.7 KiB
HOS215 Web FA1574.1 KiB
HOS226 Web FA1592.2 KiB
HOS242 Web FA15 Revised Text89.8 KiB
HOS250 Web FA15 Revised Instructors58.3 KiB
HPR106 Web FA15277.2 KiB
HPR112 Syllabus FA1586.2 KiB
HPR118 Web FA15164.9 KiB
HPR178 Web FA15 Revised8-21-1576.2 KiB
HUM103 Web FA15116.6 KiB
HUM121 Web FA1576.6 KiB
HWE100 Web FA15161.7 KiB
HWE111 Web FA15120.3 KiB
LIT115 Web FA15161.4 KiB
MAN224 Web FA15139.5 KiB
MAN225 Web FA1599.6 KiB
MAT107 Web FA1594.3 KiB
MAT121 Web FA15 Syn90223 Barchers111.6 KiB
MAT121 Web FA15 Syn94016 Romanova116.2 KiB
MAT135 Web FA15 Syn90224 Barchers104.4 KiB
MOT110 Web FA1554.5 KiB
MOT120 Web FA15107.0 KiB
MOT130 Web FA15108.5 KiB
MOT136 Syllabus FA1582.6 KiB
MOT138 Syllabus FA1588.0 KiB
MOT140 Syllabus FA1579.7 KiB
MOT150 Syllabus FA15108.5 KiB
MUS120 Web FA15174.6 KiB
PAR116 Web FA1580.2 KiB
PAR117 Web FA1566.2 KiB
PAR127 Web FA1582.5 KiB
PAR213 Web FA1585.3 KiB
PAR289 Web FA1582.6 KiB
PHI111 Web FA1592.5 KiB
PHI112 Web FA1585.8 KiB
PHI113 Web FA15 Revised8-24-1590.7 KiB
PHI115 Web FA15136.3 KiB
PHI218 Web FA15162.5 KiB
POS111 Web FA15106.2 KiB
PSY101 Web FA1593.3 KiB
PSY102 Web FA15 Syn90261 Conrad157.7 KiB
PSY102 Web FA15 Syn93979 Fazande112.5 KiB
PSY211 Web FA15193.5 KiB
PSY235 Web FA15 Syn90264 Jensson63.9 KiB
PSY235 Web FA15 Syn93978 94164 Zoni163.6 KiB
PSY237 Web FA15159.3 KiB
REE103 Web FA1597.1 KiB
SCI155 Web And Lab FA15 Revised Lab Info222.6 KiB
SOC101 Web FA1562.5 KiB
SOC215 Web FA1591.0 KiB
SPA112 Collaborate And Web FA1572.5 KiB
SUS311 Web FA15104.2 KiB
SUS410 Web And Lab FA1567.1 KiB
SUS431 Web FA1589.3 KiB