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The Online Learning Class Schedule will be available in a few days. Please check back.

Use the library below to view and download syllabi by semester. If the syllabus for your upcoming course is not yet listed, please check back at a later date.  It will be posted as soon as it becomes available from the instructor.

Once you register for a online learning course, please visit our Getting Started page for information on how to successfully begin your learning experience. Note that the schedule is subject to change and courses may be canceled if enrollment is not sufficient.

Online Learning textbooks can be ordered through the Colorado Mountain College Online Bookstore. See Class Schedules for other courses offered in the classroom at various CMC locations.

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Syllabi for Online Learning Courses

Fall 2016 Syllabi

ACC121 Online FA16114.1 KiB
ACC122 Online FA16175.8 KiB
ACC235 Online FA1685.9 KiB
ANT101 Online FA1677.4 KiB
ANT111 Online And Lab FA1682.9 KiB
ART110 Online FA16114.4 KiB
ART111 Online FA16240.8 KiB
ART207 Online FA16238.8 KiB
AST101 Online Lab Field FA16101.3 KiB
BIO105 Online And Lab FA16102.8 KiB
BIO106 Online And Lab FA16206.7 KiB
BIO115 Online FA16204.2 KiB
BIO204 Online And Lab FA16215.0 KiB
BUS115 Online FA16128.9 KiB
BUS204 Online FA1690.0 KiB
BUS216 Online FA16133.9 KiB
BUS217 Online FA16127.9 KiB
BUS485 Online And Web Conferencing FA16110.8 KiB
CCR094 Online FA16145.6 KiB
CHE101 Online And Lab FA16122.9 KiB
CHE111 Online And Lab FA16120.7 KiB
CIS118 Online FA16 Office 2010 Syn97771 Revised7-22-16951.4 KiB
CIS118 Online FA16 Office2011 With Mac Syn977731.0 MiB
CIS118 Online FA16 Office2013 Syn977721.0 MiB
CIS155 Online FA161.0 MiB
COM125 Online FA1662.5 KiB
COM125 Online FA16 Syn01590 Accelerated169.7 KiB
COM126 Online FA1690.4 KiB
CRJ210 Online FA16282.7 KiB
ECE111 Online FA16145.8 KiB
ECE112 Online And Lab FA16155.8 KiB
ECE188 Online And Web Conferencing FA16159.5 KiB
ECE205 Online FA1699.6 KiB
ECE225 Online FA1670.1 KiB
ECE226 Online FA1682.4 KiB
ECE238 Online And Web Conferencing FA16 Revised8-29-16157.9 KiB
ECE288 Online And Web Conferencing FA16 Revised8-29-16161.3 KiB
ECO201 Online FA16116.3 KiB
ECO202 Online FA1669.9 KiB
ECO327 Online FA1665.2 KiB
EDU134 Online FA16157.2 KiB
EDU222 Online FA1699.5 KiB
ENG121 Online FA16 Syn01322 Beaver Accelerated192.0 KiB
ENG121 Online FA16 Syn01598 Bruch99.6 KiB
ENG121 Online FA16 Syn97762 Brown177.1 KiB
ENG122 Online FA16 Syn01325 Beaver185.5 KiB
ENG122 Online FA16 Syn97793 Crew141.7 KiB
ENV101 Web Lab Field FA16 Revised8-23-16158.2 KiB
FIN325 Online FA1663.8 KiB
GEO105 Online FA16 Revised8-26-1680.3 KiB
HIS101 Online FA16 Revised8-23-16448.6 KiB
HIS102 Online FA1683.4 KiB
HIS112 Online FA16221.2 KiB
HIS121 Online FA16158.2 KiB
HIS122 Online FA16156.2 KiB
HIS225 Online FA16 Syn01775 Accelerated209.9 KiB
HIS225 Online FA16 Syn97816219.9 KiB
HOS150 Online FA16105.6 KiB
HOS215 Online FA16100.8 KiB
HOS221 Online FA1684.7 KiB
HOS242 Online FA16101.2 KiB
HOS250 Online FA1670.3 KiB
HPR106 Online FA16289.3 KiB
HPR106 Online FA16292.7 KiB
HPR118 Online FA16192.1 KiB
HPR178 Online FA16 Syn01854 Accelerated64.8 KiB
HPR178 Online FA16 Syn9782772.3 KiB
HUM121 Online FA1683.5 KiB
HWE100 Online FA16181.1 KiB
HWE111 Online FA16185.2 KiB
LIT115 Online FA16224.4 KiB
MAN224 Online FA16156.3 KiB
MAN225 Online FA16186.1 KiB
MAN337 Online FA16 Revised8-23-16159.3 KiB
MAR446 Online FA16306.2 KiB
MAT121 Online FA16 Syn01585 Romanova96.5 KiB
MAT121 Online FA16 Syn97836 Barchers103.2 KiB
MAT135 Online FA16 Syn97837 Barchers86.5 KiB
MOT110 Online FA16202.7 KiB
MOT120 Online FA16204.9 KiB
MOT130 Online FA16278.6 KiB
MUS120 Online FA16204.7 KiB
PAR115 Online FA16285.3 KiB
PAR116 Online FA1680.5 KiB
PAR117 Online FA1667.1 KiB
PAR118 Online FA16285.1 KiB
PAR127 Online FA1681.9 KiB
PAR213 Online FA1681.1 KiB
PAR289 Online FA1662.5 KiB
PHI111 Online FA1690.7 KiB
PHI112 Online FA16445.8 KiB
PHI113 Online FA1676.3 KiB
PHI115 Online FA16135.1 KiB
PHI218 Online FA16130.0 KiB
POS105 Online FA1668.6 KiB
POS111 Online FA16 Revised8-26-1676.1 KiB
PSY101 Online FA16 Revised8-24-16324.3 KiB
PSY102 Online FA16 Syn97859 Conrad180.5 KiB
PSY102 Online FA16 Syn99438 Fazande Accelerated115.9 KiB
PSY110 Online FA1692.7 KiB
PSY211 Online FA16130.2 KiB
PSY235 Online FA1675.9 KiB
REE103 Online FA1680.9 KiB
SCI155 Online And Lab FA16 Revised8-25-16235.2 KiB
SCI155 Online And Lab FA16 Revised8-25-16235.3 KiB
SOC101 Online FA16108.9 KiB
SOC215 Online FA16102.4 KiB
SUS324 Online FA1687.3 KiB
SUS430 Online FA1687.9 KiB
SUS430 Online FA16 Syn01824 Accelerated86.5 KiB

Summer 2016 Syllabi

ACC115 Web SU1673.8 KiB
ACC121 Web SU16100.3 KiB
ACC122 Web SU16160.5 KiB
ANT101 Web SU1664.8 KiB
ART110 Web SU1690.5 KiB
ART139 Web SU1674.3 KiB
AST101 Web Lab Field SU1690.5 KiB
BIO105 Web SU1699.3 KiB
BIO106 Web And Lab SU16112.7 KiB
BIO204 Web And Lab SU16156.2 KiB
BIO216 Web SU16229.7 KiB
BUS102 Web SU1674.1 KiB
BUS115 Web SU16109.6 KiB
BUS216 Web SU1681.1 KiB
BUS226 Web SU16109.8 KiB
CHE101 Web And Lab SU1681.1 KiB
CIS118 Web SU16135.4 KiB
COM125 Web SU1669.9 KiB
CRJ216 Web SU16102.8 KiB
CRJ216 Web SU16 Word Format753.7 KiB
ECE101 Web SU1672.2 KiB
ECE103 Web And Web Conferencing SU1680.6 KiB
ECE220 Web SU16173.5 KiB
ECE240 Web SU1671.2 KiB
ECE256 Web And Web Conferencing SU1680.2 KiB
ECO201 Web SU16107.1 KiB
ECO202 Web SU16104.2 KiB
ECO245 Web SU16130.9 KiB
ECO429 Web SU1653.7 KiB
EDU132 Web SU16130.5 KiB
EDU133 Web SU1696.5 KiB
EDU222 Web SU1689.3 KiB
ENG121 Web SU1673.3 KiB
ENG122 Web SU16 Syn00465 Bruch66.3 KiB
ENG122 Web SU16 Syn97673 Beaver282.5 KiB
ENG221 Web SU16286.6 KiB
ENV101 Web Lab Field SU16174.7 KiB
GEO105 Web SU1671.5 KiB
HIS101 Web SU1668.6 KiB
HIS121 Web SU16143.8 KiB
HIS225 Web SU1670.0 KiB
HOS116 Web SU16 Independent Study66.6 KiB
HOS226 Web SU1652.5 KiB
HOS240 Web SU1658.3 KiB
HOS242 Web SU1655.0 KiB
HOS255 Web SU1694.5 KiB
HPR106 Web SU16 Revised5-24-16167.8 KiB
HPR112 Web And Lab SU1686.4 KiB
HPR118 Web SU16155.7 KiB
HPR178 Web SU1651.2 KiB
HPR180 Internship SU1673.1 KiB
HUM123 Web SU1690.1 KiB
HWE100 Web SU16100.7 KiB
HWE111 Web SU1694.9 KiB
LIT115 Web SU16281.8 KiB
MAN488 Web SU16572.2 KiB
MAN498 Web SU16148.2 KiB
MAR216 Web SU16139.7 KiB
MAR426 Web SU1675.0 KiB
MAT107 Web SU1686.1 KiB
MAT121 Web SU16 Syn00515 Romanova88.5 KiB
MAT121 Web SU16 Syn97717 Barchers92.3 KiB
MAT125 Web SU16106.2 KiB
MAT135 Web SU1687.1 KiB
MAT156 Web SU16 Independent Study144.3 KiB
MGD101 Web SU16155.5 KiB
MGD105 Web SU1681.4 KiB
MGD141 Web SU1676.8 KiB
MOT110 Web SU16 Revised 5-31-16188.6 KiB
MOT120 Web SU16190.6 KiB
MOT150 Web And Lab SU16250.8 KiB
MUS120 Web SU16193.7 KiB
MUS120 Web SU16193.7 KiB
PAR118 Web SU16753.2 KiB
PAR118 Web SU16 Word Format107.1 KiB
PAR289 Web SU16101.1 KiB
PHI111 Web SU1683.9 KiB
PHI112 Web SU1677.4 KiB
PHI113 Web SU16 Revised 5-16-1667.4 KiB
PHI218 WEB SU16168.8 KiB
POS111 Web SU1671.8 KiB
PSY101 Web SU1692.9 KiB
PSY102 Web SU16157.4 KiB
PSY235 Web SU1664.2 KiB
REE103 Web SU1684.8 KiB
SOC101 Web SU1688.4 KiB
SOC215 Web SU1682.4 KiB

The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view syllabi in PDF format. Please visit Adobe Acrobat Reader for download and installation instructions.