Videos and images for ART-151, Painting I (IVS/Web)

Here are the links to streaming videos for the class.  These are the same videos as those found on the instructional DVD.  If you have difficulty accessing the streaming video, DVDs may be checked out from your local Colorado Mountain College location.  Please note:  due to a change in course numbering, you may see or hear references to ART-211.

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The following images have been posted by the instructor Carolyn Manosevitz for use by students in the ART-151 distance learning class.

From the Instructor:

Still life #1.

Still life #1
Notice how the values (black to white) are distributed throughout the painting. This unifies the composition in a most positive way. Value can be used to create depth in a painting.


Still life #2.

Still life #2
The entire canvas is painted, even areas that are white. Lesson: do NOT leave any area of your canvas unpainted, even if it is white.

In Both Paintings
There is no dividing line such as the back of a table, etc. Rather, there is simply shadow beneath the images to ‘ground’ them. Thus, the painting is not divided but unified. In both paintings the focal point is the main image: the still life. Note the simplicity of the objects. The images in your painting should be NO MORE complicated than these.


example of a color still life

Color Still Life – One
student example

  Color Still Life - Two

Color Still Life – Two
student example


Human form painting.

Human Form #1
This painting is monochromatic in that it appears to be almost one color exclusively. Note the following:

  • The image takes up a large part of the canvas.
  • It is balanced by the space at the left.
  • The tiny leaf images, which appear to be on the ground, break up the space nicely.
  • Notice the shadow under the figure and the leaves.
  • Notice proportions and value shifts in the figure.
  • The composition is unified by color and value.

 Student painting.

Art Inspired by Words:  “I can see clearly now the rain is gone.”
student example