CMC Web Courses Bring the Classroom to Your Computer

Web Student PhotoWeb-based courses are taught almost entirely over the internet. Students are required to have an email account and access to the internet in order to utilize the CMC learning management system for online discussions, assignments, and often tests. Additionally, students may be asked to visit their local CMC campus several times to view or check out DVDs, utilize library resources, or take proctored tests.

What Do I Need to Take a Web Course?

Students need to have a thorough understanding of the operating system on their computer and need to be comfortable using email. Students are responsible for maintaining their own computers and the software required for each class. If you need to access a computer at CMC, please check with local staff to see if the proper hardware and software are available in the computer lab.

Suggested computer configuration for web courses:

Platform: Windows XP, Vista, or 7; Mac OSX 10.5 “Leopard” or 10.6 “Snow Leopard”
Hardware: 64 MB of RAM, 20 MB of free disk space
Software: Plug-ins you may need
Browsers: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.5 or higher, Safari 4.0 or higher
Cookies: Must be enabled to log into learning management system.
Javascript: Javascript enabled. Collaboration features require Java 6 Update 13 or higher available at

56 Kb modem or high speed connection

ActiveX: For certain functions in the learning management system, you may need to enable ActiveX. If the Discussion Board, for example, does not work properly, try enabling ActiveX.

Since I Don’t Go to Class, Is It Easier?

Web courses often require much more written work than a traditional classroom course. This is a trade-off for not attending a regular classroom course’s scheduled meetings. Instructors require much more tangible evidence from students that they’ve met the requirements of the course than if they were in class twice a week for an hour and a half each time. This trade-off works both ways. When an instructor teaches a web course, they don’t have to meet regularly scheduled classes, but they do have proportionally many more papers to grade.

Online learning courses are not for everyone. To be able to successfully complete an online course, you need to be self-motivated. You will not regularly attend class on campus. Some people learn best by interacting face to face with other students. Interaction in an online learning course is achieved via writing and email. Students benefit from greater freedom to schedule their time and complete their educational goals by working independently from home or work.

What Are the Advantages of a Web Course?

School challenges your already busy schedule—one filled with work, family, and personal commitments. Online education offers the flexibility you need while also providing access to quality degree and certificate programs. Online programs allow you to complete assignments and communicate with faculty and other students anywhere, anytime throughout the duration of each course.

How Will I Get the Course Materials/Textbook?

Students enrolled in all Online Learning courses will be responsible for acquiring the required text on their own. The course syllabus includes specific textbook information. Textbooks are usually purchased through the Colorado Mountain College Online Bookstore. See Student Resources or Faculty & Staff Resources for complete information, and ordering instructions.

Some courses also require the use of video programs. The video programs are productions by commercial organizations or educational institutions. The videos are on DVDs that are available for checkout at any Colorado Mountain College location to allow students to view the programs at home or at any college site. Other access options are included in the course syllabus.

What Web Courses Are Being Offered?

Web Courses are listed in each campus/site bulletin just like any other course.

 See the current Schedules and Syllabi.

How Do I Register for a Web Course?

Students can enroll in a Web Course just like any other course. Each CMC site can enroll a student or returning students can register via the MyCMC portal and WebAdvisor.

Who Can I Contact for More Info?