Assessment Results Summaries

The CMC Student Learning Outcome Assessment table of activities and tools for 2013-2014 is included below. This table lists several examples of direct measures where an implementation plan for improvement served to ‘close the assessment loop’:


Direct Measure Examples

Community College Learning Assessment (CCLA)

The College participates in the CCLA, which is designed to measure an institution’s contribution or value added, to the development of higher-order skills in the 2 – Yr. Degree Programs and CTE area. Example 1 illustrates quantitative differences between the 2010-11 and 2012-13 CCLA.

2012-13 participation in the first administration of the Collegiate Learning Assessment

In 2012-2013, the College participated in the first administration of the CLA (Collegiate Learning Assessment) which included students who were within fifteen credits of graduating with a four year degree. Example 2 illustrates that comparison numbers taken from the 2012-2013 CCLA beginning students show an appreciable positive difference as compared to 2012-2013 CLA graduating students.

General Education Improvement

Colorado Mountain College assesses General Education courses utilizing Common State Standards set forth by Colorado Department of Higher Education in five categories: Critical Thinking, Mathematics, Reading, Technology and Written Communication. Each of the General Education Disciplines (Arts and Humanities, Communication, Mathematics, Natural and Physical Sciences and Social and Behavioral Sciences) requires specific competencies to be fulfilled before the courses can be designated as GT (Guaranteed Transfer) course. Example 3 illustrates and discusses improvements in General Education competencies in 2012-13.

Capstone Course/Program Assessment of the Nursing Program

The students in the CMC Nursing Program remain top performers for the most part due to the dedication of the nursing faculty. Assessments are performed and reported regularly, with even the smallest deficiency analyzed with immediate improvement measures taken as can be seen in the selected TaskStream example from 2012-2013 (Example 4). Nursing faculty, staff and students exemplify and excel in the college’s efforts to infuse a culture of evidence throughout the institution.

CMC Student Results on Certifying Exams

Example 5 provides data on student results for the CLETA, VTNE, Colorado Real Estate School, and NCLEX certifying examinations.