Below are assessment resources; to the left are the TaskStream resources.

A Faculty and Staff Guide to Creating Learning Outcomes, from National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience & Students in Transition, University of South Carolina.

Signature Assignments Become a Signature Practice at SLCC : An assessment article and a wonderful resource for people seeking help on what to assess from the Association of American Colleges and Universities news web pages.

Guidelines on the Uses of College Board Test Scores and Related Data : These guidelines are designed to assist users, and those who are otherwise interested in College Board tests and related data, with the most helpful, fair and proper use of the tests and data. The guidelines are developed by the membership of the College Board through both special and standing committees and standing councils that periodically review and revise the procedures in order to ensure that they remain accurate and relevant.

These guidelines are created to:
  • Describe how the College Board interprets its own responsibilities in relation to the public and test users as well as what it considers the responsibilities of the users to be;
  • State the conditions the College Board regards as appropriate for use of its tests; and
  • Provide guidance on how College Board test scores and related data can be used to improve educational decisions

Assessing Developmental Assessment in Community Colleges : A working paper from the Community College Research Center.

Abstract: Placement exams are high-stakes assessments that determine many students’ college trajectories. More than half of entering students at community colleges are placed into developmental education in at least one subject, based primarily on scores from these assessments, yet recent research fails to find evidence that placement into remediation improves student outcomes. While this has spurred debate about the content and delivery of remedial coursework, another possibility is that the assessment process itself may be broken. In this paper we argue that the debate about remediation policy is incomplete without a fuller understanding of the role of assessment. We then examine:

  1. The extent of consensus regarding the role of developmental assessment and how it is best implemented.
  2. The validity of the most common assessments currently in use.
  3. Emerging directions in assessment policy and practice. We conclude with a discussion of gaps in the literature and potential implications for policy and research.

Three Promising Alternatives for Assessing College Students by Trudy W. Banta, Merilee Griffin, Teresa L. Flateby, and Susan Kahn

Publications a list of publications by Trudy W. Banta, 1984 – to the present.

Rubric Examples:

  • Example 1 a link to the Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education’s sample rubric page.
  • Example 2 a link to download a sample VALUE rubric from the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

UAF ACT/SAT English, Developmental English, & Reading Course Placement Scores

UAF ACCUPLACER/ASSET/COMPASS English, Developmental English, & Reading Course Placement Scores

Other sample VALUE rubrics from the Association of American Colleges and Universities: