Respondus Test Authoring Software and Canvas

Overview: Canvas is compatible with the Respondus 4.0 test authoring software. Respondus is a powerful tool for creating and managing tests and question banks that can be published directly to Canvas and other learning systems or printed out. CMC distributes this software for free to faculty and staff; the license is valid for one year, expiring on July 31. If your Respondus software license has expired, please click here to submit a request for the current licensing information.

Note: A free 30-day trial version of Respondus 4.0 is available here. CMC instructors and staff can obtain a license from CMC to install Respondus 4.0 permanently on their computers by registering for and completing the Respondus 4.0 Licensing course offered by the Office of Innovations. Please consult the training calendar at for that course’s details and WebAdvisor registration information.

  • How do I upload a Word document via Respondus 4.0 to create a test in my Canvas course?
    Please consult this tutorial regarding how to create a specially formatted Word document that can then be uploaded via Respondus 4.0 into Canvas to create a test. Be sure to download the sample file provided in this tutorial–it’s a helpful reference as you create your own Word documents for Respondus 4.0!
  • How do I upload a test or question bank to my Canvas course using Respondus 4.0?
    Please consult this video tutorial on uploading a test or question bank via Respondus 4.0 to your Canvas course.
  • How do I extract a test or question bank from my old Blackboard 8 course and place it in Canvas using Respondus?
    Sorry, this is no longer possible since CMC’s former Blackboard 8 system has been taken offline, as of Jan. 31, 2013. If you need materials from a past Blackboard course, please contact the Office of Innovations, which maintains offline archives of CMC’s Blackboard courses, at or (970) 947-8408.
  • Can I use Respondus 4.0 to move assessment materials from one Canvas course to another?
    No, at this time Instructure has not yet enabled the extraction of assessment materials from Canvas via Respondus. You can however upload assessment materials from Respondus 4.0 into a Canvas course. You can copy directly between Canvas courses; please see the Canvas Instructor Guide and this video tutorial for guidance.
  • Can I upload a test or question bank via Respondus 4.0 to someone else’s Canvas course?
    No, you must be enrolled as the teacher in the Canvas course you’re accessing via Respondus 4.0. (The same holds true for other institutions’ learning management systems–you log in via Respondus 4.0 as yourself there too.) You can never use Respondus 4.0 to access other instructors’ courses, since you are basically logged into Canvas as yourself, with your username and password. Please see our Canvas help pages at for other ways to transfer materials between Canvas courses.
  • My Respondus software has expired and is asking for new licensing information and local support contacts. Help!
    The license for Respondus software products that CMC distributes is valid for only one year and expires annually on July 31.  Please submit this online form to request the current licensing information. You can also find this form at the Office of Innovations website at