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Faculty: Do you need more information about using Canvas or other teaching and learning tools?

> Search our Knowledge Base: We update this regularly when we notice a common question or problem arising and when CMC policies change.

We also invite all faculty and staff to check out the opportunities available in our current training schedule. Topics include the use of Canvas, Web 2.0 tools, best instructional practices for all types of class delivery, and more. Learn about other resources for professional development and teaching available to CMC faculty and staff.

Need tech support?

Please contact the CMC Information Technologies Service Desk as your first option for any technology-based questions. Call 970-947-8438 or 1-866-642-0495, toll free, or send email to

Canvas help

Please visit Instructure’s Canvas Guides first for any “how-to” type questions. You can also request help directly with Canvas by using the help link at the top right corner of the screen while logged into Canvas. This is the best way to report error messages, bugs, and other problems with Canvas courses. The Canvas Community is a great resource for all things Canvas as well–chances are, if you have a question, feature request, or Canvas concern, someone has already addressed it in the Canvas Community. For Canvas FAQs and other information that is specific to tools in use Colorado Mountain College, please visit our knowledge base.

Online forms for common Canvas requests- Please scroll down to see all of our forms

We receive a number of common requests regarding Canvas and tools that are used with Canvas courses. Please use our online forms below to submit the following requests. The links to the forms are first, followed by a description of the form and other details.

  • Request that someone be added to your Canvas course, or removed from your Canvas course. Or request that YOU be added to or removed from a particular Canvas course. Want to add someone to your Canvas course or from a “sandbox” course? Want to join someone else’s Canvas course? Or do you wish to remove someone from a Canvas course? This form is for any special requests regarding one existing Canvas course’s roster.
    • If you need multiple Canvas courses merged into one course, that is our cross-listing form, not this form. Please see below.
    • Please note: this form cannot be used to change who is officially teaching a class and it is also not for normal registration changes like students adding or dropping a class, nor is it for enrolling anyone who is not affiliated with CMC in a Canvas course. (For enrolling a non-CMC person in a Canvas course, please see the form on this page.)
    • If you need a new demo or “sandbox” course, this is not the form for you. Please see below.
  • Request sandbox “demo” Canvas courses. For any faculty or staff who need a new “sandbox” or demo course in Canvas for their own use or collaboration with a group.
    • Please note: this form is not for adding or removing people to an existing Canvas course- it is strictly for asking for a new sandbox course.
    • This form is not for requesting help with Incompletes. Please see below for that form.
  • Request help with Incomplete Grades and Canvas. Colorado Mountain College faculty and staff can file a request with the Office of Innovations in Teaching and Learning for Canvas assistance in the case of an Incomplete grade. Since the automated Canvas archiving process will set all Colorado Mountain College Canvas courses to read-only mode 120 days after their end date, it is not possible to continue to use the same Canvas course for extended periods. If students working on Incomplete grades need to continue actively submitting work, taking quizzes, posting in discussions, etc., then we will set up a Canvas sandbox course and enroll the teacher and the student(s) there. Please be sure to download and record any student work, grades, etc. from the original course while it is still active.
  • Request Canvas accounts for staff; request demo Canvas accounts. Anyone teaching a class at Colorado Mountain College and anyone enrolled as a student automatically is provided with a Canvas account linked to his/her CMC ID number. You can submit this form for the following contingencies only:
    • Occasionally employees of the college who are not teaching or taking classes require Canvas accounts linked to their CMC ID numbers.
    • Faculty may need a second Canvas account separate from their own Canvas account tied to their CMC ID number for troubleshooting and testing purposes in Canvas.
    • Staff may need demo Canvas accounts for trainings.

Software Licenses

  • Respondus software. Each semester we offer a self-paced Respondus software licensing course that’s the pre-requisite for CMC faculty/staff who wish to obtain a free licensed copy of the Respondus 4.0 software. This license is good for one year and expires on July 31 annually. If your Respondus software has expired and you would like the updated licensing information, please submit this form. CMC typically obtains the new licensing information in early to mid-August, so please plan accordingly.
  • VoiceThread license. To request a account using CMC’s license, please submit this form.
  • account. Turnitin, the plagiarism detection and deterrent, is available to all instructors via their Canvas courses using Assignments with Turnitin enabled. However, it is also possible to access this service via the Turnitin website at The main reason to use the website is to scan files gathered outside of Canvas; please consult our faculty support blog to learn more. This form is for current CMC faculty/staff who would like to use CMC’s license to obtain an account for use at
  • SoftChalk Cloud account. This form is for current CMC faculty/staff who would like to use CMC’s license to obtain a SoftChalk Cloud account. With this account, you can visit the SoftChalk website to build an unlimited number of lessons, games, quizzes, and other activities. You can also access and use SoftChalk’s repository of learning materials.

More resources for innovative teaching and learning

Our Lending Library offers MP3 recorders, Flip video cameras, and other items that are available for 3 day check-out. We loan these items to faculty and staff only, not to students.

CMC has memberships that provide faculty with access to League for Innovation in the Community College, Films On Demand, Magna Commons, and other subscription online materials and resources.

Comments, Ideas?

Help us define the way we can serve you by sending us your feedback or innovative ideas. You are welcome to directly contact us for this purpose.

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Manager, Office of Innovations in Teaching and Learning

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Learning Management System Administrator / Faculty Trainer

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Faculty Support / Faculty Trainer