Innovations in Teaching and Learning Professional Development Training Schedule

CMC instructors and staff are invited to attend any session, at any location. These trainings are not open to students or the public. Please register for these trainings via WebAdvisor. Questions about these courses? Please contact the Office of Innovations in Teaching and Learning.
Problems registering? Please contact the IT Department’s Service Desk for help registering with WebAdvisor at 970-947-8438 or 1-866-642-0495. Or you can ask for the Office of Innovations to register you – be sure to make a note of the 5 digit SYN number for the trainings you’re interested in.
Please check back frequently for new additions!

Self-Paced Trainings

Current Professional Development Training Calendar

Online & Hybrid Pedagogy
Feb 6 – Feb 15 all-day

Developing and delivering a great online or hybrid course is a challenge with constantly evolving technology and industry standards. CMC’s Online and Hybrid Quality Task Forces worked hard to do the research for you! These teams of faculty and staff established a set of standards and best practices to ensure that CMC online and hybrid courses are consistently high-quality learning environments that facilitate active learning and positive teaching experiences.

Based on the Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education by Arthur W. Chickering and Zelda F. Gamson and the recommendations of these CMC task forces, participants learn to implement best practices in their online and hybrid courses. This workshop is required for new online instructors, but all CMC instructors are invited and encouraged to attend!

This training is a fully online course offered asynchronously via Canvas.  You’ll be able to access it online and work on it anytime you like, day or night. There are due dates throughout this training to keep the group moving forward together. Estimated completion time: 16 hours.

WebAdvisor Registration Information
Please register for this training via WebAdvisor using: 17/SP TRN901 CS16 (SYN: 04179). Or ask us to register you! Use SYN number 04179.
Problems registering? Contact the IT Department’s Service Desk for help registering with WebAdvisor at 970-947-8438 or 866-642-0495.

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