A-Train Platform 2

This is an optional online workshop, only for CMC credit-teaching adjuncts and ESL/GED-teaching adjuncts.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the A-Train. If you have taken the A-Train, please make sure you successfully completed it.
You can verify this by logging into Canvas, and then going into the course to view your grades and the course requirements for passing. Or if the semester is over and the registrar has processed grades, you can check your employee training transcript in WebAdvisor to see if you earned a grade of “P” (pass) or “NP” (no pass).

After you register for the A-Train Platform 2 in WebAdvisor, you will be able to access the course in Canvas by the next day.
The content for this workshop is from “Getting Results” by League for Innovation in the Community College.
It includes the following modules:

  • Creating a Community of Learners
  • Planning for Outcomes
  • Active Teaching and Learning
  • Moving Beyond the Classroom
  • Teaching with Technology
  • Assessing Teaching and Learning

There is one quiz per module. A-Train Platform 2 is graded as a “P” or “NP” (Pass or No Pass).

This course asks you to keep a notebook and jot down your ideas. Your notebook can be on paper or a digital document–whatever works for you! Nothing gets the creativity going like putting pen to paper (or hands to keyboard)! You’ll come up with lots of great ideas as you go through these modules. Be sure to capture them in your notebook so you can refer back to them.